Kaya Gerber meets a 17 year old male model

Publication from Kaia (@kaiagerber)Dec 14, 2017 at 2:44 PST

“They just started dating, but they seem to have become really close and look very happy together. No one would have thought that the girl from sunny Los Angeles and the guy from rainy Walford would suit each other so much. Kaya and Fenton have long talked, as their mothers were friends, and over the past few months, their friendship has acquired a new meaning, ”said a source to The American edition of The Sun. Fenton, like Kaiya, is engaged in modeling business and recently signed a contract with The Dragonfly Agency, a Los Angeles modeling agency: his friend’s popularity is, of course, far from him, but Marcella’s future plans are ambitious. Cindy Crawford, by the way, had already approved the choice of her daughter - it seems that she saw something in the young man that Kaya herself did not notice at first. However, Crawford, with her many years of modeling experience, probably immediately realized that she was waiting for Fenton ahead of her career: big bright eyes, high cheekbones,plump lips - Marcella's expressive appearance, with due perseverance, will open all the doors before him, which means he will not rest on his laurels.