Kendall Jenner flashed her breasts at a family dinner.

Would you come to your parents in this form?

The other day, a supermodel was spotted in one of the restaurants at a dinner with Caitlin Jenner. The 22-year-old star showed up at this family event in a very frank way. More precisely, in a translucent black turtleneck, under which there was no underwear, the girl's chest was visible in all the anatomical details.


Perhaps this impression could not make even the deepest neckline. As Kendall walked from the car to the restaurant, a crowd of passersby gathered around. Yeah, not every day you see such a sight. Although the model is usually dressed much more modest than its extravagant sisters.

Perhaps in this way she wanted to divert attention from the recent scandal with her participation? Let it be better to discuss the "naked" turtleneck and the bust of a star than her arrogant and simply indecent behavior?

Recall a few days ago in an interview, Kendall spoke very dismissively towards other models."I have never been one of those girls who participate in 30 shows for the season, or what they do there," said the celebrity. “I've always had a million other occupations and other work.”

After this harsh statement, a squall of negativity fell on Kendall. She was immediately reminded that if it were not for her famous surname and participation in the popular reality show, she would hardly have become famous. By the way, this is close to the truth. Here we wrote about how much the members of the Kardashian-Jenner family would have earned if it were not for the show that glorified them to the whole world.

Not only the fans, but the models themselves also began to speak to the girl. Especially those who had to achieve everything independently - without connections and rich parents. For example, the Russian modelVlada Roslyakovawhich, by the way, owns the record - 86 hits per season, condemned Kendall and expressed admiration for “those girls who went through and go through daily hard work, sleep for two hours and cannot even eat properly”. She was supportedNatasha Poly,Gigi Hadidand many others.

So Jenner is worth behaving more cautiously - as is the case with your own words, and with outfits.Otherwise, fans can turn away from it.