Kids crafts from acorns with their own hands in kindergarten and school - simple master classes with photos step by step

1ZHP-009Children's crafts from the acorns with their own hands - a great option to exhibit for the exhibition, a creative show or art talent contest in kindergarten or school. Simple natural material is perfectly processed and allows you to effortlessly create an interesting object or thematic composition. For empowerment, it is permissible to use cones, chestnuts, dried leaves and clay together with acorns. Making such original works teaches children perseverance, teaches to make fantasies a reality and helps develop fine motor skills.

Interesting crafts from acorns with their own hands on the theme of autumn for kindergarten with photos step by step

Kids in kindergarten love to play outdoors most of all, but in the fall the weather gets worse and it’s not often that they go outside. In order for the children not to be bored, the educators organize classes in applied arts and teach the boys and girls to create beautiful and original crafts from simple materials, for example, from acorns, as described in the master workshop outlined below. This contributes to the development of assiduity, teaches to think creatively and makes to show imagination. I then decorate the premises in groups with finished works or put up as exhibits for thematic contests and art shows.