Lambrequins - a stylish addition for curtain tracks

Making a window opening is not an easy, but interesting task. To make the interior complete, it is recommended to consider not only the use of dark curtains and light, translucent canvas, but also include decor in the composition. A great addition to it will be lambrequins.

Features of lambrequins

What is it? By lambrequins, it is customary to imply a special decor, which is performed in several solutions. The decoration is fixed at the top of the composition. The horizontal drapery used for the design of the window opening is located across the entire width of the eaves. This decor can be made not only from the fabric. It is often supplemented by:

  • tapes;
  • flounces;
  • fringe;
  • brushes;
  • various original fragments.

One of the features of lambrequins is their height. It should take 10-20% of the size of the entire curtain composition.

A unique feature of this decoration is not only a decorative function. Lambrequins are a practical solution that perfectly masks fasteners. Some types of decor can close the cornice itself. This is convenient if the accessory does not fit into the given interior style.

A variety of decor for curtain compositions

There are different types of lambrequins. The page presents a great many interpretations of such additions for curtain compositions. Decor is:

  • tough;
  • simple;
  • figured;
  • soft;
  • combined.

Each option has some features and benefits. Among all presented models the most popular are hard lambrequins, which are called gangos. This solution is distinguished by the use of original fragments, the presence of strict and clear contours and the execution of non-trivial embroidery. The form of a hard lambrequin is very different. Sometimes it is certain geometric shapes. In some cases, the decor is performed abstractly. But the upper contour is always smooth and regular, and the bottom edge is usually figured.

Soft models are no less popular.These lambrequins are usually represented by a combination of several lightweight fabrics that are formulated in a common composition. Between themselves, they are united by various types of transitions.

In any design lambrequin - this is a great addition to the design of a window opening. The decor allows you to place the missing accents in the interior of the room and make it complete.