Leopard manicure - fashionable or tasteless?

Probably all the women in the past life were tigresses or at least cats, but, otherwise, how else to explain their endless craving for everything spotted? The cat's grace and light mystery made this animal a real cult in individual nations, but we remember our inner essence through leopard prints, which, it must be said, have long gone beyond clothing.

Today, leopard manicure is especially popular - an animal reflection on the sharp nails of a pretty girl.

Not every lady can easily agree that a leopard manicure is harmonious and stylish, many young ladies are tormented by vague doubts. "And if I will not look tasteless?". In fact, it is very important to skillfully select a pattern, colors, as well as combine them with the general image of the owner, and if everything is done correctly, you can be sure that you will look stylish and bright.

It may seem to you that making a leopard manicure is not an easy task.And here you will find yourself completely wrong, because one of the reasons for the popularity of this trend is, just the same, the simplicity of its execution! So let's see the process.

Do it yourself

Of course, you can ask for help from a master in a beauty salon, but to make such a pattern on the nails at home is quite real!

  • First you need to perform a preliminary preparation of the nails - with the help of what technique you will do it - it is absolutely unimportant, the main thing is that your nails are prepared for the subsequent processes.
  • Next you need to choose the colors of varnishes that will cover your nails. In total there should be at least three of them: the first is the basis. If you like the classic, then choose the tone in the natural range: beige base, brown specks and black outlines - without them the leopard print is simply inconceivable. Perhaps you like more daring and original solutions: the specks can be of any color of the rainbow, in principle, like the base, only black contours remain unchanged.
  • After you have covered your nails with a base, and then dyed the main tone in two layers, dried it, you can start painting stains.The easiest way to do this is with a manicure pen, but if one is not available, you can use a regular toothpick or a tattered match.
  • It is not difficult to draw specks - first the spots are color-coded. To do this, the tip of the toothpick (it needs to be slightly smoothened) is lowered into the varnish and we randomly arrange the points on the nails. Ideal circles do not need to draw - it's still a natural print. To get the most natural - try to arrange the point on different nails in different ways, somewhere more, and somewhere less.
  • When they dry up, we proceed to the most interesting: we circle the colored circles with a black outline, again, using a toothpick or a thin brush. When you circle - do not try to make the lines identical and strict, it is better to draw them abruptly, leaving one edge of the circle free.
  • That's all! Our manicure is ready, it remains to dry the nails and fix them with a colorless varnish. Especially for your inspiration we have prepared a photo with different ideas of the leopard pattern on the nails - it turns out, it can be so different! It is added to the French manicure, allocate only one nail, in general, variations, countless, will only choose your ideal option!

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