Linokrom: features of waterproofing material for construction

Certain types of installation work are performed with the mandatory installation of waterproofing. This is necessary in order to eliminate the negative effect of moisture on the building material. Among the wide range of these products on the market, experts particularly highlight such coverage as Linokrom.

Its main purpose is waterproofing:

  • underground structures, such as basements, mines, tunnels, etc .;
  • inside structures, for example, walls, floors, partitions, etc .;
  • roofing;
  • bowls of pools or water tanks;
  • various structures of hydrotechnical type.

Features of the waterproofing material Linokrom

Linokrom is a very reliable and durable bitumen based material. It is produced exclusively from non-toxic and environmentally friendly raw materials by the method of processing bitumen and with the addition of certain substances.At the same time various bases are applied that allows to expand an assortment row of a product significantly. Basically, the bitumen composition is applied to such synthetic materials as:

  • fiberglass is the main element that provides high quality waterproofing, mainly the product with such a base is intended for use in benign conditions, it has high-quality properties and resistance to prolonged exposure to moisture, while fully preserving the original quality;
  • polyester provides the material strength and elasticity, is able to withstand the strongest mechanical loads, without compromising the quality of waterproofing;
  • fiberglass has a high strength, but not as elastic as polyester, but it has high resistance to mechanical stress and stress.

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Primary technical characteristics of Linokrom

Linokr presented with a variety of markings. This provides the opportunity to choose a material suitable for specific needs of construction Depending on the tasks assigned to it, and the place of its installation choose the brand:

  • HSP is made of fiberglass, its purpose is for the roof, namely for its lower part;
  • HKP is designed for finishing coating of non-capital structures;
  • The CCI is based on fiberglass, the appointment - for a flat roof;
  • TKP - a covering for finishing works for household buildings with a sprinkling of large caliber;
  • EPP - for waterproofing of capital buildings inside, on the basis of polyester fabric, protected by a polymer film;
  • EKP - external coating for non-durable structures.

Among the main advantages of the described waterproofing material, which made Linokr popular in the market, are:

  • ideally maintains temperature difference;
  • not prone to change the original properties over a long period;
  • elastic and tear resistant;
  • has a small weight;
  • allows, if necessary, to carry out the restoration work of roof fragments, while without the need to completely change the canvas;
  • resistant to heat up to 800 degrees;
  • absolutely waterproof;
  • resistant to mechanical and climatic influences;
  • has a high operational period.

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