List of the most effective sedatives

A common expression that all diseases of the nerves, has a scientific medical basis. After all, the concept of "nerves" implies the presence of stress, which arises in the body in the form of a response to a complex reaction to the force majeure that has arisen. To overcome unforeseen circumstances, there is a mobilization of domestic resources, which may be protracted.

Constantly being in tension is difficult for the body. Psychological stress adversely affects not only its nervous system, but also the physiological state. Our ancestors were healed with herbs, seeking help from the witches, who "knew" about the healing properties of plants, including soothing ones.

Unfortunately, with the passage of time the possibility of the emergence of stressful situations only increases, which directly depends on the modern rhythm of life. Chronic fatigue, striving for improvement, busy work schedules and lack of sleep and rest keep the body “on the verge”.

But, as before, mother-nature hurries to the rescue, in the arsenal of which there are many useful plants, and modern pharmacology with medicines that give strength to the exhausted nervous system.

Anxiety signs

The tired nervous system gives us signals that indicate the need for measures to support and tone it. How to recognize them in order to take action in a timely manner?

The following are depressive symptoms that, if found, are worth sounding the alarm. The presence of at least five of them, lasting for two weeks, suggests that you need a doctor!

  1. The dream has changed. He became restless, with frequent awakenings during the night, and short-lived.
  2. You have ceased to be interested in activities that you were fascinated earlier. Lost interest in them.
  3. It becomes harder to concentrate.
  4. The choice of the proposed options and decision making is difficult.
  5. There were feelings of lethargy and lethargy.
  6. Pursues guilt.
  7. Feels own worthlessness.
  8. There is apathy.
  9. There was a breakdown in appetite - from its complete loss to a constant feeling of hunger.

Medicamental care that an expert can offer includes using a wide range of drugs and sedatives. Pharmaceuticals manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry, in comparison with previous developments, have fewer contraindications. Have a faster impact. We suggest to get acquainted with the list of the best of them.


Before you make a list of the most successful sedatives, which are widely known thanks to television commercials, banners and other outdoor advertising, you must take into account their diversity in composition, methods of exposure and other properties.

With varying degrees of psychological fatigue, various drugs are taken - light in the form of sedative charges, sedatives - tranquilizers.

Recommendations for taking medication gives only a doctor.

So, the classification of sedatives consists of:

  1. Sedatives, including tranquilizers, neuroleptics. Origin of vegetable or synthetic. In their composition bromides and components of plant origin.Relieve emotional stress, without sleepiness. To purchase a recipe is not needed.
  2. Homeopathic medicines with careful effects and the absence of addiction. Homeopathy often causes distrust, but its effectiveness cannot be denied. The drugs are affordable and suitable for even babies and pregnant women.
  3. Natural products, including herbal medicine and aromatherapy. Lavender with jasmine, rosemary with basil, mint with bergamot and other essential oils have anti-stress properties.
  4. Folk medicine. They are offered in the form of a variety of teas and baths, decoctions and infusions.
  5. Combined herbal remedies. There is an interaction of components to enhance the sedative effect. Gives a good result.

Almost all of the above funds are dispensed without a prescription. All of them are harmless to health, as they include medicinal herbs. It is from such drugs that are available and widely advertised that our list of the most effective sedatives consists.

Top 5

The review of successful drugs can be much wider. But we took into account those that are heard by the majority.

  1. Let's start with "Persen". The popularity of the drug provides not only powerful advertising, but also the composition. A successful combination of an extract of valerian, lemon balm and peppermint guarantees relaxation and soothing, and also - a healthy sleep. The combination of three herbs relieves stressful symptoms and relieves neurotic states, reduces anxiety and depression, prevents psychosomatic disorders. He is prescribed by doctors for prevention. The lack of addiction and the ability to maintain normal concentration of attention can be attributed to the positive qualities of the drug, which ensures its widespread use in different age categories of consumers, except for children under three years of age. The disadvantages include individual intolerance to medication and the presence of constipation as a result of long use.
  2. The second position is behind “Deprime” - the leader among antidepressants. This is a natural product, where the active substance is extract of Hypericum. For many years, scientists from different countries held discussions on the effectiveness of its use as an antidepressant. Skeptics suffered defeat, and today it is successfully used in the fight against depressive conditions, increased anxiety in menopause,loss of mood and heightened sensitivity to weather changes. Among the shortcomings of the drug can be noted its prescription and the impossibility of use by children under the age of six, incompatibility with other antidepressants and increased skin photosensitivity.
  3. In the third place, "Gerbion" is a combined agent with a natural composition of valerian root, peppermint, hop cones, lemon balm. It is an excellent sedative for the central nervous system, due to the symbiosis of the components. Valerian calms, hops enhances the effect of valerian, and lemon balm with mint relaxes and makes the medicine taste good. The drug is recommended for those who suffer from anxiety attacks and increased irritability. It relieves irritability and tension, eliminates insomnia. Form release means - drops. Disadvantages of the drug are the following: children under twelve years of age are prescribed on the advice of a doctor, the alcohol base of drops requires careful handling of vehicles.
  4. The fourth in the list is “Novo-Passit”. It is considered the best drug for anxiety symptoms, which is based on the properties of guaifenesin.This is a natural natural substance that has a calming effect on the central nervous system in case of irritability and anxiety, absent-mindedness, and excessive excitability. The effective impact is felt quite quickly, after thirty minutes. This makes the drug popular among persons subject to neurosis. Among the disadvantages can be noted the presence of side effects. This nausea and vomiting, dizziness and weakening of attention. Until the age of twelve is not appointed.
  5. Closes the five "Glycine" - time-tested drug. It can be distinguished from the sedatives, previously produced, as the most effective and safe medicine. It does not lose relevance and is widely used to affect the nervous system, including children. The drug improves brain activity, relieves emotional stress, smoothes attacks of aggressiveness and conflict. "Glycine" is successful in menopause and withdrawal syndrome. He is appointed to children from three years with increased excitability and sleep disturbance. The main advantage of the tool is the absence of contraindications for use.The exception is individual intolerance to the drug. An additional plus is a low price, which ensures the availability of a successful tool to the general population.

Taking sedatives has long become commonplace for many compatriots of different ages and from different social strata. There is nothing wrong with that. After all, sedatives help to improve the quality of life, removing negative symptoms. They give confidence and bring a sense of calm during periods of stress.

You can always choose an effective tool with a mild effect and a pleasant taste. With severe depression, it is better to visit a doctor who will prescribe an adequate treatment. For the prevention of neurosis, it is recommended to drink soothing herbal preparations. They definitely do not harm, but will help relieve fatigue. Psychological health should be protected, which is what you want.

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