Look, if you do not sleep for two days, then sleep one night and then sleep again for two days and continue with such a regime.

Look, if you don�t sleep for two days, then sleep one night and then sleep again for two days, and continue to live with such a regimen. Is it possible to adjust the body this way, or is it still bad?
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A person can get used to a lot of things. There are people who, due to their profession, cannot sleep for days or not sleep at night - and they are rebuilt to a new regime, then they are dumped. But this is an unhealthy regime. Healthy sleep along with normal food and psychological positive atmosphere is very important for health - during sleep there are a lot of recovery and health processes, fatigue is removed, energy is accumulated.Whatever experiments we carry out with our body, we still remain natural creatures, which means that when it is light, you have to get up and do things, and when it is dark, you close your eyes and sleep. So programmed by nature. People who do not have a normal sleep or who live according to an abnormally busy schedule with its absence or deficiency often get sick, have mental problems, look generally unhealthy and live less. Normal sleep is really very and very important for a person, so without extreme necessity I do not advise you to set up such experiments and still sleep normally.
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On the second day you will be in a somnabulic state, like you go, but you actually sleep, sometimes you even have dreams, dada, right on the go. For example, you go behind the wheel, you struggle with sleep, and in one "fine" moment you sleep, and in a dream you continue to go.