Luminaire from a tree cut

A lamp made of wood cuts- a lamp with your own hands from the cuts of an unworked log, such a lamp is ideal for country houses, open gazebos and rustic-style rooms.

Materials and tools:

  1. unprocessed log 40 cm long;
  2. carpenter's glue;
  3. LED strip or LEDs and resistors;
  4. adapter;
  5. wires;
  6. saw;
  7. grinder;
  8. cellulose lacquer;
  9. drill and crown (or sheet) drill.

Step 1

Cut the log into rounds 2 cm thick, 10 pcs. will be needed.

Step 2

At the center of all the roundworms, we note the place for drilling. In 8 rounds we drill a through hole; select the 2 thickest rounds (these will be the top and bottom) and drill only indentations of about half the thickness.

Step 3

Using a grinding machine, we thoroughly grind the surface of the roundworms.

Step 4

Apply carpenter glue inside the holes and leave to dry.

Then we cover the roundworm with varnish, approximately 2-3 layers. Take the tube and process the surface, making it matte.

Let's collect the lamp by putting the krulshi on the tube and fix them with glue. Inside the tube we put the LED tape or LEDs and connect it to the adapter.The sawn-wood lamp isready.