Makeup for bulging eyes

Adalinda coss

Convex eyes are spectacular and beautiful. They are not considered a shortcoming, but often there is a problem with the choice of make-up. Unlike others, girls with such eyes are required to reduce them by applying special makeup techniques. And this sometimes causes considerable difficulties.

We place accents

If you do not like the shape of the eyes, then do not focus on them too much attention. This means that you need to place accents correctly. Emphasize skin tone and lips. Do not overdo it with rouge. Too bright cheeks on the face with rather big eyes create the exterior of the doll.

The skin tone is required to create a uniform, sculpted make-up is not suitable here. In the role of the foundation, use a foundation that is closest to the natural skin tone to the maximum, and your cheekbones should not be highlighted with rouge, but with radiant powder in a light shade. But you can recoup on your lips. Glitter and mother of pearl will not fit bulging eyes, but they are allowed to be applied to the lips.

Makeup for bulging eyes

When creating a contour from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one, it is required not to use the effect that gives the view of openness.This means that the outer side of the growth of the eyelashes does not stain, but the inner side. This refers to the lower eyelid. On the top it is necessary to move along the space between the eyelashes, because the eyeliner does not fit, use a pencil. Remember that it is not allowed to stain the lower eyelid with a pencil. Such a reception in make-up is suitable for young girls. After 40 years, this method is undesirable.

To give depth to the eyes, dark shadows are used, but without excesses, otherwise you will get the opposite effect, and in the afternoon black eyes are inappropriate. Casual makeup is required to perform with the use of gray and beige. When a make-up is needed for the evening, shades of gray, brown, violet and black are allowed.

The correct accent on the face with bulging eyes is the lips. It is important not to overdo it, but to choose a shade suitable for the color type.

As for the general recommendation, it is important to remember that when you select the color of the shadows that coincides with the eye tint, the latter becomes dim. So that this does not happen, carefully choose the tone in accordance with the shade of the iris. Contrast is required here.For example, shades of pink, chocolate, plum and copper are suitable for green eyes. Brown-eyed should choose shades of lavender, turquoise and sky. Blue-eyed girls fit almost all colors except blue.

Eyebrow shape

With regards to the shape of the eyebrows, you can find different tips from professionals. Some experts recommend natural eyebrows, while others - curving and graceful. But everyone agrees that it is important to follow and care for the form, and the color requires darker hair by 1 tone. In this case, the eyes look neat.

If you are not sure of the right choice, then try two options in order to find the right one. Eyebrows need a good stain with matte eye shadows and a pencil.

A light tone is applied under the brow line to emphasize the shape and accuracy of the line. The bulging eyes become graceful.

Choice of cosmetics

Now proceed to the choice of cosmetics for the bulging eyes. The hue of the shadows in this case depends on the skin tone and eye color, but one rule unites - the shadows require matte and airy. The exception is the festive make. The main thing is to observe the measure.

These eyes do not need to apply an excessive amount of shadows.Do not take more than 3 tones, but it is important that they are the same scale. Highlighted upper eyelid. A dark tone is applied near the eyelashes, shading to the center of the eye. The light tone is shaded from the center of the eyes to the eyebrows. Eyelash line scroll with a pencil.

If you slightly lengthen the line of shadows to the temples, you get the effect of a shining look.

As you know, the arrows are used to visually enlarge the size of the eyes, but they can also be used with bulging eyes. The difference is that they need to draw neat and elegant. Do not draw long arrows, let their length correspond to the length of the eyelashes of the outer corner of the eye. The line needs to be made thicker to the outside corner from the inside. If you like to bring the eyelid from below, then paint the inner line.

The final touch is mascara. But here is important measure. A large amount of mascara makes the eye heavy and enlarges it. For this reason, choose a tool in black with no lengthening effect. Apply in a single layer on the upper lashes.

How to "reduce" the eyes

If you are interested in how to "reduce" the eye size visually, then we will consider several options from stylists.The basis is the shadow, they are applied to the entire surface of the upper eyelid and the inner part of the lashes of the lower one:

draw a pencil along the line of the eyelashes for a century from the top of the eye from the inner corner to the outer one. Then in the same way, draw the inner line on the eyelashes below the outer to the inner corner;
use a moderate shade of shadows, applying it to the eyebrows;

Makeup for bulging eyes

focus on the top of the eye. This will require the shadow that was applied to the lower lashes;
blend the boundaries, going beyond the boundaries of the century. For this purpose, use a sponge on the lower eyelashes;
complete the image with mascara. Pay more attention to the eyelashes in the corners of the eyes.

You should not choose too light or dark colors. They make the eye heavy. Only along the growth line of the eyebrows from below they apply a light tone that will help to highlight this zone and emphasize the shape. And for make-up, prefer matte makeup.

Nuances of working with cosmetics

Consider a few nuances of working with cosmetics to achieve the desired effect:

when creating a make-up for bulging eyes, you need to try to pull them out and lift them up. For this useful use of eyeliner.Its line should be extended to the outer corner, so the eye will narrow;
When creating an everyday make-up, the arrow is shaded with a brush. And to turn it into a holiday is easy: you need to draw a clear line again, apply a cool gray or beige tone to the entire surface of the upper eyelid, then paint the projecting part of the eyelids dark and shade up to the eyebrows and to the side;
if the eyes are set wide, then a dark shade is required to visually narrow the space, which is applied to the inner corner of the eye and shaded.

In other words, ideally, a woman needs to get a make-up, in which the average intensity shades near the inner corner of the eye flow into the dark to the outside.

Bulging eyes are very beautiful, but no additional visual increase is required. Otherwise you will get the face of the doll.

Remember that with bulging eyes pearl tones will not work, because they negate all efforts to create depth. Known fact that the bulk mascara increases the size of the eyes, but in this situation it is not required. You can paint the eyelashes around the outer edge in order to stretch the shape of the eyes.

Makeup for bulging eyes

At the end of the creation of makeup required summing eyebrows. Since naturalness is now in fashion, it is not worth bothering to create narrow eyebrows. Bring them in a shade that is not a darker tone than curls.

Step-by-step make-up for bulging eyes

Consider the makeup option for bulging eyes step by step. To create this make-up, you will need:

mascara in black;
dark and light shadows;
grayscale pencil;
natural shade of blush.

Most likely, you are not too fond of distinguishing your bulging eyes, because the focus is on other zones. Stand in front of the mirror. Lighting should be overhead. Note that the cheeks are lit better than other zones. On these places should be applied bright blush. With a bulging eye shape, eyebrows play an important role. Gently pull them out to create the perfect shape.

Try to create a natural makeup. Your eyes and so stand out well on the face, you should not overload them with makeup. Apply a light tone under the eyebrow line, paint the upper eyelid with a light or dark chocolate shade (the choice depends on the skin tone). This allows you to create the appearance of shiny eyes.

In order to stretch the eye sight follow the following instructions:

apply a foundation for the shadows on the eyelids above the eyes;
on the lash line and up from the fold, apply a gray, beige or flesh tone. The top of the line is important to shade, so as not to form a stain. Prefer opaque shadows or with an unobtrusive luminescence, but not nacre or sparkles. The fold of the century does not emphasize, so as not to have a visual “burial”.

Makeup for bulging eyes

Consider several make-up options for the upper eyelid:

on the lash line shadows in a dark color, suitable for the shade of the iris, draw a line. Maximum color is applied around the eyelashes and the outer corner of the eye. The aim of the make-up is to “stretch” the eye cut with a decrease in volume. Concentrating the shade around the outer corners to the edges of the eyebrows helps in creating a beautiful shape. The line is required to be directed outwards and upwards, and the upper part of the strip of shadows to be shaded. It should be something like smoky eyes. Move the inner line of the lower lashes with a scoop, and the outer corner of the eye gently highlight it with a color. Cover the mascara eyelashes of the upper eyelid, painting over the outer corner;

Try using a variety of techniques to lengthen the eye section and slightly narrow them.

As for eyeliner, it is better to stop the choice on the gel. The peculiarity of this make-up is that it also lengthens the cut of the eyes. Create arrows with graceful tails that go beyond the boundaries of the eyelids. Start drawing from the line that extends the outline of the eye from the bottom outward to the edges of the eyebrows. The length of this line is the maximum length of the arrow. The moving eyelid is drawn near the eyelashes from the center to the tip of the arrow, which was created earlier. The final lane is required to be even and it should go upwards. The lines are connected, creating a triangle. Its inner part is required to fill the liner. An elegant arrow appears, it is almost invisible at first, but it expands to the outer corner of the eye. During the creation of this option, follow the symmetry of the lines on both eyes. In this situation, shadows are not required.

Girls with bulging eyes are distinguished by natural beauty and showiness. For this reason, do not overdo it with cosmetics. Emphasize the natural appeal.