Making a chicken from a plate with your own hands

A fun and very simple hack - fluffy chicken from a plate. Have you ever seen live chickens. And your baby? If not, then be sure to try to correct the situation. Visit the child to the village, look at these wonderful little fluffy creatures.

Be sure to tell the child that the chickens are coming from the eggs that the hen is hatching in a special sheltered place - the henhouse.

 Making a Chicken from a Platter with Your Own hands

Making a chicken from a dish with your own hands

A hen should not only wait for the appearance of the chicks, but also teach the kids the first lessons of life until the present uprope colds. The hen that incubates the testicles is called the hen. She must sit a lot on the testicles to warm them with her warmth.

When the chick is sitting tightly in the testicle, he begins to tear his inner film. Then the shell itself cracks.This is how these funny yellow lumps are born. The chicken will continue to keep an eye on their children until they grow up.