Is Meryl Streep a food? Wildly funny meme from Instagram

Sometimes on Instagram you can come across a real guilty pleasure, for example, an @TasteofStreep account, which we strongly recommend to subscribe to all Meryl Streep fans (with a small postscript: those who are not sitting or not planning to go on a diet in the near future). The tape consists of surrealistic collages-memes of the actress on the background of ... various dishes. For example, a film star, for example, waves a handle from a glass with milk, sits on a sandwich with a sausage, or tans on an eggplant. Separate attention is given to pictures in which Meryl's outfits effectively turn into sushi, or donut with icing (no, you can’t look at these pictures on a diet!).

The most interesting thing is that the author of the account is unknown, as it is not known why Meryl Streep suddenly served as an inspiration for such collages.