Need compassion

Pity is a bad feeling, many consider. In no case should such a delusion be your life principle. There are such concepts as moral norms that distinguish a person and give superiority over the entire living world on Earth. In fact, it is not only the brain with a developed intellect that distinguishes man from animals. Exactlycompassionmakes us real people, not business sharks. A normal person will never be indifferent to look at the suffering of others. Moreover, revel in someone else's grief and build your happiness on it. To lend a helping hand to the needy - is this a sign of cowardice? Rather, it is a manifestation of humanity. Each of us sometimes neededcompassion. Death of a loved one, unhappy love, failure to enroll in a university: it is at such moments that it is important that someone help, encourage with a warm word, show participation. Is it so difficult? The ability to sympathize with others helps a person to properly analyze their actions in relation to others. A person who is able to sympathize with the pain of others will never commit meanness towards his neighbor.You can be tough, stubbornly go to the intended goal and not give vent to emotions. However, this does not mean that you need to give a damn about the others and trample on their feelings. In any situation, it is important to remain a person without fail; only then can one become truly happy. Indifference turns us into insensitive idols, alien to any feelings. Imagine if everyone will be just such similarities of man, then what will turn our world? People, like cars, will only perform their duties, neglecting feelings. Without compassion, there will be no love, no joy ... nothing that makes our life truly full and rich.