New idols: who is Rami Malek


Fact №1

Egyptian American actor Rami Said Malek was born on May 12, 1981 in Los Angeles.

Fact number 2

Rami has a twin brother Sami, he is under 4 minutes and has nothing to do with the acting world. Sami chose teaching. The brothers still live together.

Fact number 3

Rami and Sami have an older sister, about which little is known to the general public. For example, the area of ​​her activity is known - she is an emergency doctor.

Fact number 4

Rami received his secondary school education in Notre Dame High School in California. It is noteworthy that at the same time actress Kirsten Dunst studied at a class younger in the same school. They attended a music studio together. Most recently, Rami admitted that in his school years he was in love with the star of the film Jumanji.

Fact number 5

Rami carefully hides the details of his personal life. Although he is now and then seen in public with his partners on various projects, he has not yet confirmed any conjecture regarding his “heart matters”.In this regard, some "evil tongues" began to talk about Malek's unconventional sexual orientation. Probably, one fact of his filmography was added to the fire of this slander: in the comedy series War in the House, Rami played the role of a gay teenager.

Fact №6

Rami Malek received his profile education at the University of Evansville in Indiana. In 2003, Rami received a bachelor's degree in fine arts.

Fact №7

One of the roles Malek received precisely because of his origin: the Egyptian Pharaoh Akmenra in the movie “Night at the Museum” and in his sequels turned out very naturalistic in Rami.

Fact number 8

Rami Malek began filming on television in 2004, and first appeared on the big screen in 2006 (just in “Night at the Museum”).

Fact number 9

The most famous actor brought the main role in the TV series "Mr. Robot". His work on the character Elliot Alderson was awarded many nominations and one prestigious film award.