New life from scratch

Almost every person has a moment in life, when everything is annoyingly bored, life seems empty and half-destroyed, the new day is not at all happy and it seems that it will always be like this.

Who knows what caused such spiritual discord, maybe you are tired of your outdated relationships and don’t know what to do next, or maybe you broke up with your loved one, you aren’t happy with the work or you are completely bored with the social circle, the same conversations friends, the same breakfasts and empty home evenings ...

All in your hands

Do you want new colors, forget all the past and gray, plunge into the world of new sensations and emotions? This is all real, but one “want” is not enough here, because finding a “new life” in the presence of the old is a huge work on yourself and your environment. Surely, you have often met people who tried to start this elusive “new life”, and maybe you yourself have tried something like this many times in the hope of a change for the better. But, really, did it work out?

In fact, only a few of those who want to actually achieve tangible and visible results, work on yourself, and it is this factor that will become important and important in building a new life is very difficult.Few people realize that a new life cannot exist without that old one, a baggage of emotions, memories and relationships often pulls back.

On the example of moving to a new apartment: we collect our bags, stuff them all in a row, which was stored even on the most dusty mezzanines, most often without thinking, but will this old “trash”, which has not been used by anyone for years, be needed in a new place? As a result, a new home is packed with half unnecessary things that do not make room for new, interesting and really important things.

The “trash” of negative memories, problems and difficult relationships should remain in the past forever, but important life experiences and positive emotions can be taken with you to the “new apartment”, where gradually, but with love and awe, you can make a cozy nest.

Life is hard

There are many tips that tell you how to start a new life, but none of them will be effective and will not bring a positive result if a person stubbornly repeats the same mistakes, even in a “new” life.

For example, you are madly tired of a rude husband who does not help around the house at all, does not take part in the process of raising children, but only walks with friends and lies under the TV.A woman who respects herself can not tolerate this for a long time, divorce, depression, and, finally, the search for a new life partner.

But here is the interest, the woman, complaining about the disrespect of the former husband, again turns her attention to the active and eccentric man, the soul of the company and just a fan of fun. Why is that?

A matter of habit, personal taste preferences: she does not aspire to the past marriage scenario, but still does not know how to pay attention to calm, balanced and positive men who can become worthy family men.

Look to the future with optimism.

This amazing trend concerns not only relationships with men, for example, do you complain about a narrow circle of communication or at all about the lack of friends? You are not interested, you want something new, but think, and you know how to be friends? Are you ready for extraordinary actions that may entail something really new, unusual and maybe even unwise, as it may seem to you at first glance?

As soon as you yourself will be ready to change yourself, only then everything will appear, all that remains is to make a few basic shocks. If you haven’t grown to change inside,then a new job or change of a club by interests will not bring any result, new acquaintances can be made everywhere, even on the street, if there is such a desire.

How to start your new life?

  • Of course, with a goal. To change your life for the better, you need to learn to set goals and, most importantly, to achieve them, and the higher the goal, the more a person becomes ennobled when it is achieved. You should not start with a difficult, for example, you have long wanted to start running in the morning, because you are not satisfied with the weight or elasticity of the body? Set a goal to run all spring, every morning, except Sunday, let this day you allow yourself to sleep. Achieve the result, set yourself a bar, throw off 10 kg, and until you reach it, do not back down.
  • Learn to not give up, but for this you need to make sure that this is really important for you. After all, it also happens that problems and difficulties absorb a person into a deep depression, which destroys all the desire to fight, act, change something. Unwillingness - this is the main enemy of the new path, because it is necessary to give up the slack and everything will roll into the abyss. Good habits are much harder to make permanent than bad ones, it takes a lot of time and perseverance.A person must decide specifically for himself that this is his last chance, which will save his life from an all-destructive emptiness, and new forces for accomplishments need to be drawn from the outside world and vivid emotions that are not so difficult to find.
  • If you feel moral and spiritual strength to new challenges, then it’s time to act physically: change your job, place of residence, if you can, it is better to move to another city or, at least for a while, change your country. Try to live by other laws and rules, look at another world and culture, try to become part of it, who knows, you might like it so much that you will never want to come back.
  • When do I need to change jobs? When is it time to abandon the usual way of life? Maybe it's worth trying something new? These and a few dozen other questions periodically revolve in the head of every inhabitant of the planet. The answer is now! If you feel that the oppression of events has nowhere to be crushed, then you should not wait for the next “Monday” or “month”, act! Change something in the usual course of life - learn to ride roller skates, jump with a parachute,go to the sea or learn how to embroider a cross, register for self-defense courses, yes anything! Any new venture is an influx of new emotions and vitality.
  • Take care of your appearance. Changes are needed in everything, and our perception of reality, in many respects, depends on our external data. You need to please yourself; it is important to admire your own reflection, to feel desirable and seductive - this is what is necessary for a happy and successful woman. Sign up for a sport, visit a beauty salon and update your wardrobe, have always been blonde - dye your hair brunette! Trim the braids or, on the contrary, build long curls. Are you used to wearing jeans? Buy a sexy dress! Your self-esteem should only increase, so that all life changes move for the better.
  • Learn to think correctly: only positively, wisely and cheerfully, only it is possible to change your life for the better, a firm belief in the best and a smile on your lips are the best helpers in this difficult matter. And most importantly, remember, a new life is not being built in a day or two, it's time to systematically work on yourself, your body and the world around before you feel any significant changes.And most importantly, remember, you can begin to live in a new way at any time, the main thing is not to reach the point where the situation is completely out of control. Much easier to repair the damage than to restore the ruins of the past.
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