Nothing to hide: Kim Kardashian for a walk

Kim Kardashian is one of those star girls that we are more used to seeing naked than the other way around. But such a frank set in which she appeared on the streets of New York, and early in the morning, we still did not have a chance to evaluate ... Kim "walked" transparent plastic jack boots from the latest collection of Yeezy (we can’t see the idea: her, to be the face, or rather feet of the Kanye West brand!?)

If only Kanye’s boots would have made such a vivid impression, didn’t Kim add her image ... with a transparent bra that looked out from under a voluminous jacket? And it would be better if this jacket was also transparent, then Kim would not have to stone her face back and forth with her hand, as if she had argued with her spouse that her right nipple was cooler than some kind of boots.