Nutritionist, demand?

They offered to work as a nutritionist. The salary is quite high, so I became interested. But since I am a therapist, I still need additional education. Where can you learn to dietitian in Moscow? Now, how much nutritionists are in demand?
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As for me, the nutritionist is a very interesting job. Now more and more people are interested in a healthy lifestyle. Those who want to lose weight will always.
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If you are already a doctor, then advanced training is only on your hand. In Moscow, training of dietitians can be done here. Get a diploma and be able to work. And then decide whether nutritionists are in demand now.
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Masha Vesnova
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My friend turned to a nutritionist. He helped her a lot. Look has become much better, thinner, prettier, and most importantly, they had a long-awaited daughter. Previously, she could not get pregnant for a long time.