Oily Skin Treatment

Problems with oily skin are familiar not by hearsay to the majority of its owners, but it is especially difficult for those ladies whose oily skin, besides its usual shine, is prone to acne. Often, the makeup does not hide such deficiencies, and even the powder is not capable of giving the skin a full haze for the whole day.


Charter to mask the shortcomings of the girls are wondering - how to cure oily skin, to bring it back to normal. You will not believe it, but many standard, improvised, affordable means are suitable for eliminating the cause of excessive greasiness of the skin. How can I use the usual means to treat oily skin? You will tell the site useful tips.


Treatment of oily skin with oils



Flaxseed oil application


Oily skin needs flaxseed oil so that the sebaceous glands do not excrete an excessive amount of fat to the surface of the skin.


Use of evening primrose oil


Daily consumption of about 500 milligrams of evening primrose oil will allow your body to get enough linolenic acid, which has a beneficial effect on the health and appearance of your skin.


Algae, zinc and lecithin - treatment for oily skin


Algae application


From one thousand to one and a half thousand milligrams of seaweed perfectly saturate the body with useful minerals that affect the skin tonic.


Zinc Application


Zinc in small doses is necessary for the skin for intensive regeneration of skin cells, it strengthens the immune system. In order for zinc to have a positive effect on oily skin, you only need 50 milligrams of a substance daily.


Lecithin Benefits


To fatty acids are better absorbed by the body, you need to take lecithin.


Oily skin treatment with natural methods



On external skin, external factors are extremely unfavorable: toxins in the air, sun rays and other effects. To improve skin resilience, you need antioxidants, which are found in large quantities in grape seed extract.


The impact of L-cysteine


This amino acid is composed of sulfur, which is so necessary for the skin. It is recommended to take 500 milligrams of drugs with liquids on an empty stomach, milk as a liquid is excluded. Juice and water are great.Additional useful tools can be vitamin C and vitamin B6, it is with them that L-cysteine ​​is better assimilated.


The benefits of lavender for oily skin


For oily skin, regular washing with lavender water is helpful.


Masks with green clay for oily skin



Green clay as if pulls out of the pores extra sebaceous formations. To make a mask of green clay for oily skin, you need to mix together a teaspoon of green clay and honey that has not been processed. The mask is applied to the entire skin of the face, avoiding the area around the eyes. Keep the mask for a quarter of an hour, and then rinse well with warm water. Recommended regular use of the mask - 3 times a week.


Tonic or mask for oily skin - a tool that tones and refreshes, it is very easy to prepare. 50/50 of water and lemon juice, and can be applied to the skin. Hold until dry, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. After that, you can refresh the skin with cold water or an ice cube.


Aloe vera plant juice is good for oily skin.


About the benefits of aloe few have heard. For oily skin, aloe juice is also beneficial, especially when dealing with acne.