Original birthday card with 3D flowers

It’s not always possible to choose gifts like your friends or relatives, because you can’t guess whether you like the gift or gather dust on the balcony. But there are gifts that will please everyone - these are handmade gifts. For example, for the beautiful half of humanity a 3D card with colored paper flowers will be suitable, because original and beautiful cards are not necessarily to buy when you can easily make them yourself. For making such a postcard - applications will be needed: - colored paper - colored cardboard for the basis - glue - scissors And a little patience!
Preparing the foundation. On a sheet of colored cardboard A4 size, we paste a number that symbolizes the return of the recipient of the gift, in my case it is orange 8. If you are making a postcard not for the occasion of the holiday, you can paste the first letter of the name, the main thing is to glue flowers. Each flower collected from individual petals.As an example, consider making a yellow flower. Cut out 6 identical petals, about 7 cm long, 3 cm wide in the center. With a smooth pencil, gently twist the petals, and glue it onto the base, it is advisable not to observe symmetry so that the finished flower looks more natural. .
 twist the petals
 collect the flower
To make two oyyny flowers, such as blue-green, cut out 4 petals of each color and glue blue details first, and green details on top, so that the green petal is between two blue ones. To cover the glueing areas of the petals, cut a circle of a different color and glue on top. The leaf is made just like petals, only slightly longer.
 ready flower
The remaining flowers should be made smaller in size, so they will look more harmonious. By putting all the flowers, go to the manufacture of a butterfly. Below in the photo is a sketch of my butterfly, it can be downloaded and used as a template.I indicated the points of the fold by the dashed line.
 butterfly sketch
Bend the strip in the middle on both sides, and glue the butterfly behind it.
 ready postcard
And we enjoy the finished work!
 ready postcard