What is the staff

What is the staff? Vera Melnikova May 20, 2015 The word "staff" has the Latin root persona, which literally translates as "person." Virtually all values ​​represent a specific group of employees of an institution. What is personnel: word meanings The staff is a permanent.

Why dream of twins

Why dream of twins? Olga Kravchenko February 24, 2015 The birth of twins has always been considered an unusual, but generally favorable sign. The twins were treated with respect, as people marked by God. A dream in which twins have dreamed is interpreted as.


Decoupage Popular wisdom says that everything new is well forgotten old. Modern fashion is back to the old methods and techniques of production. Today is becoming more relevant vintage. The effect of “aging” is inherent in the interior, decorating things, even the manicure masters.


Payment Tell me who knows how easy it is to pay utility bills, I want so that I don’t have to go out of the house and it’s not hard and hard to understand. Who how to pay, share tips There are 8 answers.

What are aphorisms

What are aphorisms? Irina Gromyak February 26, 2013 12875 Aphorisms ... They are present in our speech from ancient times. At one time, many scientists tried to define what aphorisms are. Hippocrates first introduced the definition of aphorisms. Familiarity with aphorisms Aphorisms are complete.

Sbiten: what is it

Sbiten: what is it? Elena Melnichenko February 5, 2015 Perhaps many people do not know the word sbiten: what everyone is and what it is prepared for, not everyone knows. In short, this is an ancient East Slavic drink based on spices and honey.

How to sew a coat

How to sew a coat? Every year, a huge number of women are faced with a problem: what to wear in autumn and winter. And it seems that the cabinets are full of the amount of outerwear, but there is nothing to wear anyway.

What is acrylic

What is acrylic? Elena Kasyanova March 7, 2015 Acrylic is in demand in many industries. What is acrylic? What does this material look like? Acrylic refers to a polymer thermoplastic material, based on polymeric acid. It is very durable, fairly light, with low thermal.

Folding table

Folding table When there is not enough space in the workshop, and you need to work somewhere, a small table is needed. But the folding or folding table is best for compactness. It can be made lowered or lifted as in my case. For.

What is a swamp

What is a swamp? Alexander Duz July 16, 2012 A swamp is a land area that is characterized by excessive moisture. As a rule, incompletely decomposed organic matter is deposited on the surface of a swamp, which subsequently turns into peat. In the swamps.

How good to say

How good to talk? Every person would like to have the gift of eloquence so that their voice captures the attention of people, and thus they could move up the career ladder or easily get acquainted with the opposite sex. But their tightness prevents.

What is Casco

What is Casco? Perebasova Evgenia March 22, 2013 This article is devoted to the question of what is hull insurance. First of all, it is one of the types of property insurance, namely cars. This type of insurance is voluntary, and only you (or.

How to play arma

How to play arma? Elena Melnichenko October 1, 2014 The computer game Arma is gaining popularity among users, especially among those who want to play games on the network for free. This game is a simulator of hostilities that take place on the territory.

How to pull tick

How to pull tick? Summer, especially its beginning, gives us the opportunity to spend more time in nature. Often we go to the bosom of nature with the whole family, along with pets. But just at this time of year ideal conditions are created.

How to open isz

How to open isz? Leonid Veselov May 29, 2012 ISZ is a file format, which is a compressed iso disk image (ISO Zipped = ISZ). In addition to compressing the image to save space, you can use security passwords and data encryption. This format.

Who is goof

Who is Gough? Freeze August 22, 2012 Someone familiar, someone unknown and such an incomprehensible name Guf, or rather a pseudonym. Let's try to figure out who Guf is (or Guf), what he is known for and what is known about him. short biography.

When is Easter

When is Easter? The coming of spring into our life is accompanied not only by a new rebirth of nature, but also by a large number of national, state, and religious holidays. This is an uplifting mood and tone of the population after the.

Hairpin Bow

Barrette Hairstyle at any age plays a big role. Particular attention is paid to little girls. To decorate their heads, mothers spend a lot of money on all kinds of bows. I decided to make it myself. In this way, you can choose the.

Gwen Stefani will launch her cosmetics line

Gwen Stefani will launch her cosmetics line But how to stand out against the background of a huge number of rivals? After all, the same Kim Kardashian, for example, earns $ 10 million a day from selling her KKW Beauty cosmetics ... Gwen found.

How to delete subscribers in contact

How to delete subscribers in contact? Andrey Kim November 21, 2014 VKontakte social network (VK) is the most popular social network in Russia. With enviable regularity, social network developers add new options and features, but not all of them are to their liking. For.

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