All can kings The most famous polygamist in history

All can kings! The most famous polygamists in history They could not afford to marry any beauty. But one was never enough. The second was followed by the third, fourth, and the harems and royal chambers were replenished with new queens and queens. Probably.

How to become a cop

How to become a cop? In our country, both men and women aged from 18 to 35 years can get a job in the police, but for this you need to confirm compliance with a variety of requirements, prepare a whole folder of documents.

What to give a dog

What to give the dog? Catherine February 2, 2015 Often, pets are equal members of the family. We allow them to sleep in our beds, cook delicious food and take picnics. Even on holidays, we do not disregard them and indulge in a new.

How to punish the former

How to punish the former? When family life cracks, the spouses often have a desire to take revenge on the former half of the existing ones for real and perhaps made-up grievances. At the same time, life together allows you to thoroughly learn the.

What are nails for?

What are nails for? Anastasia Shostak January 14, 2013 There are many answers to the question why nails are needed. From a practical point of view, a person needs nails to protect his finger tips with which different objects are taken. On female hands.

How to drain the coolant

How to drain the coolant? In view of the fact that in the course of a long operation (or long run) of a car, the coolant contained in it (antifreeze, antifreeze) loses its performance, scale buildup occurs in the cooling system and there is.

What if the cat wants a cat

What if the cat wants a cat? Leonid Veselov April 12, 2012 36264 Many of us live pets - cats. But sometimes their content can cause some problems. In this article we will tell you what to do if a cat wants a cat.

How to find out the owner of the car

How to find out the owner of the car? Vitaly Syroezhkin January 21, 2013 17362 On the road, with everyone can happen anything. There are situations when a question may arise: how to know the owner of a car, by what parameters can this.

Plastic pipe hammock

Plastic pipe hammock Choice of pipes There is a large assortment of PVC pipes. But for my hammock, I opted for the products of PVC-FP, because they are strong enough and elastic. I used pipes with an outer diameter of 4.2 cm. Do not.

What is the shelf life of boiled eggs in the refrigerator

What is the shelf life of boiled eggs in the refrigerator As eggs contain a large amount of protein and a minimum of calories, this product is included in the daily menu. In this regard, the question arises: how many boiled eggs are stored.

Where is the dead sea

Where is the Dead Sea? ������������������������������������ ����������������������������������������Alexander Smaznev ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������April 24, 2015 On the map Dead Sea Many of us have heard of the Dead Sea. Someone bumped into his memory a somewhat ominous name. Someone remembered the story that it is impossible to.

Looking for a job

Looking for a job I live in a small town. With work we do not really. Many men to feed their families go to work abroad or work in other larger cities. Recently, my company was closed and I am also looking for work.

How to lay tiles in the bathroom

How to lay tiles in the bathroom Instruction The first thing to do is prepare the surface. Remove the old tile and glue base with a chisel or hammer. Any way you need to ensure that the surface was as even as possible. Using.

How to care for a decorative rabbit

How to care for a decorative rabbit? There are 3 answers Cheshire Cat Answered on March 29, 2015 15:59 Here you can see care tips: toilet training - bathing rabbits - Best Larisa Black Answered 29 march 2015 21:19 Maintain cleanliness in the cage.

How to delay the monthly

How to delay the monthly? Menstruation is a normal process for every woman. It is very important that the monthly comes every time on the same day. This indicates the normal functioning of the body. However, sometimes menstruation is completely inappropriate, especially if an.


Promotion I need to promote my products, I want so that as many people as possible see the information about my product. Tell me a good advertising option, and where can I go in Moscow for such advertising? There are 4 answers workout Answered.

What is property

What is a property? The property is a complex of things and material values ​​that are owned by a natural or legal person, a municipal institution or a state. In more detail, that such property, we will consider further in the article. According to.

How to attract agents

How to attract agents Instruction In Russia, since 1990, agents are divided into two categories - independent or private, and agents of real estate companies. There is no difference in their work, however, if you enter into a contract with an enterprise, the possibility.

Bulk beaded flower on March 8: Rosette

Bulk beaded flower on March 8: "Rosette" Beads of the main color (№10) Beads of additional color (№ 10) Large beads (№ 8) Finishing beads (5-6 mm) Needles for working with beads Line or reinforced thread (45 ЛЛ 44 ЛХ) PVA glue Beadwork is.

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