Peculiarities of oxygen cosmetics

Recently, the topic of "oxygen cosmetics" is increasingly found in discussions on the Internet, you can hear about it from TV screens, a lot of confusing, but very promising articles have been written.

However, the deeper you begin to delve into the essence of the question, the more “incomprehensibility” arises: is it really as useful as it is spoken about in advertising? All of them are positioning oxygen cosmetics, as the newest anti-aging agent that can greatly slow down the aging process of the skin. But is everything really so or in something a trick?

According to the manufacturers, and there are few such companies on the territory of Russia, the most important and almost the only one is the cosmetics of the company "Faberlic": the whole theory of the effective work of cosmetic products is based on the interaction of the skin with oxygen.

According to them, in the pace of modern life, we absolutely do not have enough time to stay outside so that the skin can get enough fresh oxygen, which is to say about the “benefits” of air in large cities!

Dull complexion, premature wrinkles and bags under the eyes are all a consequence of the oxygen starvation of our skin. That is why many cosmetologists say with confidence that the use of oxygen facial cosmetics will be able to resume the natural processes of regeneration and restoration of the skin.

How it works?

For many, it remains a mystery, as in a small bottle of cream or gel can you put any gaseous substance, in this case oxygen? It should be noted that not all cosmetics, which are positioned as “oxygen-containing”, literally contain oxygen in their composition.

So historically, this term began to call the products created on the basis of special microemulsions, which have an excellent ability to dissolve and deliver gases to where they are particularly needed. In our case, these are deep layers of the skin where it is extremely difficult to penetrate oxygen from the environment.

Therefore, by right, such cosmetics can be called “gas-conducting”, however, such a term never took root, giving way to the benefit of “oxygen-containing”.As such carriers of oxygen, most often, in the composition they use Aquaftem, Perfodecalin, as well as vitamins, Coenzyme Q10 and other necessary substances.

Experts say that this method of rejuvenation is able to give simply amazing results, oxygen-containing cosmetics are called the panacea for most problems. However, opinions on this matter diverge greatly: there is also the flip side of the question, according to which these funds are considered not only useless, but even harmful to human health.

So is it good or harm?

In favor of popular oxygen cosmetics include its ability to stimulate the internal immunity of cells, thereby reducing the harmful effects of the environment. Thanks to oxygen, the process of collagen production is stimulated, which, as is known, is necessary to provide elasticity and health of the skin.

In addition, such cosmetics are positioned as an excellent anti-inflammatory and wound-healing agent, which, thanks to transport substances, is effective for problem skin. Also, oxygen cosmetics is an excellent tool for those who are faced with the problem of uneven complexion: the skin is saturated with healthy color and becomes more elastic.

However, it should be noted that many cosmetologists question the usefulness of regular use of such products, because oxygen cosmetics are relatively young, and therefore you cannot find out what will happen after 10 or 20 years of use.

Some experts even claim that it is harmful to the health and youth of our skin, because with the help of the same oxygen a considerable amount of free radicals is formed. These are compounds that lead to the destruction of cellular structures, which inherently accelerates the aging process.

It turns out that the use of oxygen preparations is a stick in two ends? Probably, until the end of a true and absolutely accurate answer to this question, you will not tell any one specialist in this field, because the study of such cosmetics is still ongoing.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, before using such tools, you should consult with a beautician, who, in accordance with your characteristics, will be able to choose the most suitable type of oxygen cosmetics.

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