Cheese "Philadelphia": what to replace?

Soft cheese "Philadelphia" is often added to all sorts of dishes: cheesecakes, cheesecakes, desserts, sauces, dressings and even rolls. It is very tasty to smear fish or meat on top of them, and then bake in the oven. However, he is not always at hand at the crucial moment. Even in supermarkets, it is often not possible to find it on the shelves. Many housewives are interested in the question, what kind of cheese can replace the cheese "Philadelphia"? First, let's understand what this product is so unique?

How to replace Philadelphia cheese - analogues

Philadelphia is from America. Its production began hundreds of years ago. Even then, connoisseurs of cooking used it for baking delicate pies. Notable rich people who could afford such a delicacy liked to spread it on toast and eat with tea. Cheese is produced according to a special technology from high-quality milk and cream. It’s not for nothing that experts work so hard to select the best quality products for its production, the taste is simply amazing.

However, despite all the advantages of this product, Philadelphia cheeses can also be very tasty and also complement your dishes well. The modern market offers many companies that make cream cheeses. For example:

  • "Viola"
  • "President"
  • Buko
  • Almette

Many professional chefs say that the best sushi cheese instead of "Philadelphia" is "Viola". You can also put cheese in them (only unsalted).

Such brands as "Amber" and "Friendship" can not be called bad and low-quality, but because of their rather dense texture, they are not suitable for the preparation of complex dishes. Many people buy them specifically for sandwiches.

As for baking, you can add not only cream cheeses, but also cottage cheese. However, it must be soft, non-granular and not dry. You can whip it in addition with low-fat sour cream and add a little cream, the effect will be even better.

The recipe for the cheese substitute "Philadelphia"

How to replace Philadelphia cheese - analogues

For the most masterly hostesses, we want to tell you one interesting recipe that will help make a very similar surrogate for all the famous cheese by yourself. Follow our advice - and you will get no worse product than the original!

Ingredients Required:

  • milk - 1 l
  • kefir - 0.5 l
  • egg
  • salt and sugar 1 tsp.
  • lemon acid

Cooking method:

  1. Heat the milk over low heat and stir constantly. Do not move away from the stove, so as not to "run away". When it starts to boil, throw in salt and sugar. When fully boiling, immediately turn off the stove, pour in kefir and stir. Need to get curled mixture.

    How to replace Philadelphia cheese - analogues

  2. Prepare in advance a flap of gauze fabric and fold it in several layers.

    How to replace Philadelphia cheese - analogues

  3. Put the resulting mass in cheesecloth and hang it so that the liquid flows into the bowl.

    How to replace Philadelphia cheese - analogues

  4. When all the serum is drained, hammer an egg mixed with citric acid into our cream (at the tip of the knife). Mix thoroughly until smooth.

How to replace Philadelphia cheese - analogues

Homemade dairy delicacy is ready! Feel free to use it in creating culinary masterpieces!


A few recommendations:

  • You can use this method to get "Philadelphia": buy a very fat sour cream (30% or higher, and better homemade) and put it in a cloth bag. Just as in our recipe, hang it up and wait for all the liquid to drain. Note that the volume of the product will greatly decrease;
  • the product should be stored in the refrigerator and not more than 7 days;
  • When choosing a product in the store, always study the label. Try to choose the most natural product possible, without all kinds of substances. If the taste of the product is sour, then, most likely, it is spoiled. The original taste should be a little sweet and soft.

Now you know what can be replaced by “Philadelphia” at any moment to continue cooking your favorite dish!