Pixie - haircut for the most stylish (10 photos)

Fashionable and stylish image is not only clothing and make-up. Hair plays a special role. And if it is chosen correctly, then the merits will be underlined, and the disadvantages are hidden. In addition, the image will be even brighter. And who's a pixie hairstyle? And how to put it right?

Stylish option

A bit of history

The history of this hairstyle goes back to the 50s of the last century. In 1953, the movie "Roman Holiday" was released with Audrey Hepburn in the title role. And it was there that this fragile and sweet girl appeared with such a haircut. This hairstyle implies short hair at the temples and the back of the head and slightly elongated at the crown.


In general, the word "pixie" is translated as "fairy" or elf. In English mythology such kind and lovely fairy creatures amazed everyone with their charm. So the girl who chose this hairstyle, looks charming, cute and somehow childish. This supposedly boyish unusual charm adds to the image of originality and immediacy.

After Audrey Kepburn, this haircut was decided to be made by the unknown Leslie Hornby at that time. Above her image worked in the beauty salon for about 8 hours. But it was thanks to this haircut and bright blond hair with raspberry tint that the girl with the unusual pseudonym Twiggy burst into the fashion world.

Glamor image

The trend was approved by many, including celebrities. So, with this haircut, such world-famous stars as Emma Watson, Halle Berry, Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Demi Moore, Victoria Beckham and several others were seen.

Hair features

Perfect image

Pixie haircut has several features. Let's start with the benefits:

  • Short hair is very comfortable. They are easy to wash and practically do not need to be dried.
  • For the summer - this is the perfect option. If long and medium hair constantly climb into the face and interfere, then the pixie is complete freedom and convenience.
  • Hairstyle is suitable for almost any type of hair: for thin, thick and unruly. But owners of small tight curls should be more careful, as it is very difficult to stack them.
  • Laying and care do not require much effort. Getting the sutra out of bed, just wash your hair and dry them.
  • This hairstyle allows you to be diverse, as there are several options for styling.

Now let's list the shortcomings:

  • This haircut requires perfect makeup, because the face will always be open, hide it behind the curls will not work.
  • Hairstyle looks good only on well-groomed and clean hair. So you have to wash them almost every day.
  • Short haircuts require frequent updates, so you will need to regularly visit your hairdresser to periodically trim the tips. Grown ends look sloppy and untidy.
  • Hairstyle can get bored, but change it is quite difficult, it takes time. But you can try out some other variation of the same haircut.

Haircut options

Add colors

Pixies are short at the temples and at the back of the head and longer at the top of the hair. But in fact, there are various options for this hairstyle. We list some of them:

  1. Different bangs can be, which in this haircut plays an extremely important role. For example, a short bang will make an image sweet and gentle. A long slanting will add originality and a certain negligence, and if it reaches almost the cheek, it will add some charm.Long straight fringe will make the image more feminine and elegant.
  2. You can play with the temples. If you want to smooth your cheekbones a little or hide your ears, then leave the whiskey. And if you want something unusual, then you can shave the temples, leaving a pattern on them. Why? Boldly and creatively. And if you shave only one temple, and leave the other, such asymmetry will revive the image and make it bright.
  3. Rear view can also be unusual. On the back of the head, as on the temples, you can shave any pattern.
  4. You can make your hair like a shocking Miley Cyrus. Whiskey is to shave, and on the top you need to leave a mohawk. With this part of the hair, by the way, you can play in different ways.

Who is this hairstyle?


Who is a short pixie hairstyle? It is safe to trim your curls to the owners of a small face with pronounced features. This hairstyle emphasizes the eyes and lips, so that the lips will seem appetizing and plump, and eyes - big and expressive. You can also take risks and girls with an oval or elongated face.

Who haircut is not suitable?

If you have a round face or wide cheekbones, then be careful, all this can become even more noticeable.But you can cheat a little, leaving strands on the sides that will hide the side of the face.


Girls with short necks also should not choose a hairstyle, as well as those who have rather small facial features. Such features can turn into flaws, since a short haircut is all flaunting.

If you want to find out whether it is worth cutting off your curls and choosing a pixie hairstyle, try to stab your hair and examine yourself from different sides. Also you can use various computer programs, which allow you to choose a hair style from a photo. Pixie is probably what you need.

Cute image

The taste and color

Not only the form of the hairstyle is important, but color plays an equally important role. What color to choose?

  • Immediately it is worth noting that gray and dull tones, such as blond, will make the owner of short hair look like a teenage boy. But bright shades are what you need. You can safely choose a black color. If it can look vulgar on long hair, it will look bold and bright on short hair.
  • Also you can choose a chestnut tone, chocolate or some other.
  • Blond is also great, if, of course, this color you, in general, is. But the ashy shade is not what is needed, it is better to choose light colors.
  • Auburn also emphasizes the brightness and makes the image mischievous and playful.
  • Pixie hairstyle is a big space for experiments, so you can choose unusual and even unexpected tones: red, purple and others.
  • Play with the strands! For example, make highlighting or coloring.

How to pack?

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Female pixie hairstyle is a sea of ​​styling options. We offer you a few:

  1. Wash your hair, then apply gel or wax on your hair. Separate the strands, but do not comb the hair and do not dry them (you can slightly dry the hair dryer). When the strands are dry, spread them a little over the head.
  2. Dry your hair, ruffle it and apply hairspray.
  3. Make an oblique parting or just comb all the hair on one side, apply wax, dry a little and smooth the strands. It will turn out almost official business image.
  4. Apply mousse or hair mousse to your hair, start drying it with a hairdryer and at the same time do it. Dry the hair again. You will get a bold and unusual image.
  5. Experiment with the broom. Comb it back, fix it with lacquer.
  6. If you have a slanting long bang, then remove it to the side and pin the clip with rhinestones.
  7. Oblique long bangs can be curled by making one curl below.
  8. If the hair is long on the top, brush them and put them straight, making a Iroquois.
  9. Long hair can be combed at the roots and put on one side.
  10. Try to make soft curls.
  11. Apply hair gel to hair and squeeze them into fists, lightly drying it.

Experiment and create new images!

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