Poems teacher and graduate kindergarten staff from parents and children

Poems teacher and graduate kindergarten staff from parents and children

On the matinee dedicated to the graduation ceremony in the kindergarten, parents and future first graders also devote short and long touching poems to the teacher and the rest of the staff. On a beautiful and joyful day, they say a huge thank you to all the employees who come to work early in the morning in order to provide the kids with everything they need and create coziness and comfortable conditions for them to receive basic knowledge and develop hidden talents. This is not an easy task and not every person is capable of constantly giving away a piece of his heart. But people who have chosen the upbringing of the younger generation as the business of their lives have been happy to do this every day for many years. Such work is worthy of all respect and the most beautiful words of thanks, congratulations and wishes.

Beautiful poems to a kindergarten teacher on a graduation matinee from parents

Poems teacher and graduate kindergarten staff from parents and children

It is necessary to pick up beautiful poems to a kindergarten teacher for a graduation matinee from parents in advance. It is better if the initiative group of several active moms and dads, whose little ones this year are going to leave the hospitable shelter of the children's institution and go to school, will do this.

What poems to give preference, parents will have to decide on their own. We can only advise you to choose beautiful, optimistic, cheerful works that contain very pleasant, touching phrases and warm words of thanks. Too long poems are not needed here, because the holiday matinee has a certain time format and does not provide for long solo performances.

You can organize a beautiful room with your moms and dads, where everyone will shine a nurse with a touching and exalted words of gratitude and good wishes to the teachers and nannies.

If all parents want to speak in person, you need to find small pieces for them and clearly state the sequence of reading.Just before the solemn day, you need to do some joint rehearsals. Then the number will turn out to be coordinated and will give the same pleasure to both the audience and the children, as well as the participants.

A collection of poems for teachers from kindergarten for prom night from moms and dads

Our children are very matured,

We did not have time to blink and blink,

After all, the years of the kindergarten flew by instantly.

We send the kids to the training path.


We are grateful to everyone for their education,

For painstaking, very important work,

For contributions to children, care and attention,

That garden has become like the most loyal friend!


We wish the staff prosperity,

And kids - success on the way.

Let life be full of charm.

And we all go in peace with the children!

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And again you say goodbye to children

They will not approach you any more, they will not ask anything.

They have become sons, daughters,

A part of you they carry away in your heart.


And let the school days whirl,

Textbooks, diary, backpack, grades,

But everyone will save in his heart,

The way they blew on the broken knees.


We sincerely thank you

For tenderness, warmth, love and affection,

What did you give to our dear children,

For their happy, shining eyes.

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Years flew too fast

And kindergarten, in fact, behind the back!

Our children are very mature

Came at our kids graduation!


Supervisor thanks, educator,

All nurses, favorite chefs

For the work, love and strength that you spent,

For all we say thank you!

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You gave our children

A piece of your heat

You taught them a lot

But it's time to say goodbye.


Our guys have matured,

On the horizon, first class.

Say thank you we wanted

Let happiness not bypass you.


And caregivers, and nannies,

Bow to you low from the heart.

For what your eyes

The world looked kids!

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Our children have matured,

Ahead is first class

All smart today,

They leave the kindergarten.


We wish you dear,

Joy, happy days,

And to you good friends, loyal,

With them it will be more fun.


It's good to study at school,

Alphabet teach, read,

And good marks,

You wish to receive!

Short, beautiful poems kindergarten teacher from children at graduation

Poems teacher and graduate kindergarten staff from parents and children

Very short, beautiful poems to a kindergarten teacher will be flattering and pleasant to hear on graduation from children. For kids who say goodbye to child carelessness and are preparing to become schoolchildren, this will be an excellent opportunity to thank their mentors for their comprehensive care, attention, love and donated knowledge.

In beautiful, sublime and quivering rhymed lines, children will express their sincere attitude towards caregivers and nannies who have been caring for babies for several years, experiencing important initial life stages with them and doing everything to make boys and girls feel confident and calm. This is a hard, but unusually important and meaningful work, worthy of the highest praise and approval. After all, only a very kind, patient and attentive person can work in kindergarten, turn a blind eye to the minor pranks of the wards and in a soft, unobtrusive manner teach them the correct behavior, respect for elders, love for loved ones and respect for the outside world.

Collection of short beautiful poems in honor of graduation in the kindergarten to teachers from children

Kindergarten was left behind -

Soon to school, waiting for us first class.

Parting, educators, we are with you,

But we are sure that we will not forget you!


For warmth, care and attention

We thank you heartily.

Your kindness and understanding

Forever we keep in our heart!

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With you we have become big

From dummies to books

Jumping together, playing,

Flew years in an instant.

First big school

Our favorite kindergarten,

So many were fun days

In the morning crying at random.

With us you are the second mothers,

Engaged day after day.

And now we are first graders

Let's go together for hands

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Our favorite teacher,

Now and graduation.

All year round you were near

And they did not know about rest.


We spent time with us

We were taught to draw,

Songs sang and sculpted,

We were put to bed.


We really love you

For warmth and kindness,

For care, tenderness, affection

And of course beauty.

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Soon we will leave the garden,

Soon we will go to school.

Who would have figured six years ago,

What is going to grow so fast?

Soon we can without errors

Educators, for you,

Write your “thanks” -

Let him teach the first class!

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To everyone who was with us,

We were raised, raised,

Taking care of us

Did a different job

To everyone who is every minute

Worried about us

We will worship now.

Beautiful poems teacher and graduation staff in kindergarten

Poems teacher and graduate kindergarten staff from parents and children

Very beautiful poems are dedicated to the tutor and graduation staff in kindergarten by boys and girls who leave the walls of their favorite institution to go to school. In touching and inspired rhymed lines, children heartily thank their mentors for teaching them to be honest, sincere and compassionate, respect their elders,to support friends and always do what a real person should.

With pleasant, warm words in verse to the teacher and the staff must appeal parents. In the most touching, joyful and optimistic terms, they thank all the teaching staff and service staff for their patience, endurance, sincere attention and comprehensive care for the kids for several years. After all, it is thanks to the kind hearts of the workers that children feel at home in kindergarten, they are diligently learning the basics of social behavior, learn the first knowledge and make new friends.

Examples of beautiful poems for the teacher and graduation staff in kindergarten

Accept our recognition today

For all your kindness and for your experience,

For raising our children!

No your profession in the world is needed,

And children are used to your hands,

And now it will be difficult to explain to us

That they will not see your eyes again,

Their years go by, they make up days,

And the children, of course, have matured with us,

After all, they have always been with you,

Now with a song, then with a brush, with a lot of books!

You taught the letters and numbers of the kids

And now they will go to school

And you are gratefully loving

Their moms and dads! And you goodbye

Successes and creativity will desire,

Thanks for everything, for work and patience,

We wish you happiness, we are all inspired!

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Thanks to teachers

For affection and warmth.

We were with you side by side

And the gloomy day is light.

You felt sorry for us, loved,

You raised us like flowers.

Dahl that we can not you

Take with them to the first class.

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Being a tutor is not easy!

Sometimes, after all, father and mother -

Native people, two adults,

Can not cope with the child!


We wish you patience

In your difficult work,

We congratulate you from the heart,

You are always young at heart!

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Let smiles always light up

Warm light any day in life

Our children play happily,

Do not touch their sadness shadow.

And in the morning you are always at work,

Whether heat or cold, or rain,

Our children are caring,

And misfortunes bypass them away.

You do not just watch them,

Developing, giving them a game,

Our native teachers,

You have dedicated your life to them.

Let your hard work

It flourishes among the children's hearts,

And playing as if by notes

You love, kindness and success.

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This is a difficult task.

Calm those who cry,

Punish and encourage

Teach to be friends with children.


Wise, kind educator,

First words teacher,

Congratulations on the holiday,

And we wish you patience.

Inspirational and touching poems teacher on the graduation matinee

The most gentle, inspirational and touching poems to the teacher at the graduation matinee in kindergarten can be read by both parents and future first-graders. If there is a desire to hold a solemn event more original, it is worth creating a common room with the participation of the little ones themselves, moms, dads and other relatives. For participants it is necessary to pick up short rhymed couplets containing trembling words of sincere gratitude for the hard, but necessary work of educators, nurses and all the staff of the institution. Such a number will make the most favorable impression and will forever remain in the hearts of mentors, children and parents. And the memories of him for a long time will warm the souls of the spectators and participants with their sincere warmth, ingenuousness and kindness.

A few touching, inspired poems tutor at the graduation matinee

Thank you for your efforts,

For warmth and kindness,

For love and understanding,

Hearts sensitivity, breadth.


With our tutor

Calm and warm.

With our tutor

We are very lucky:

No kinder character

And there is no generous soul.

I wish you happiness and joy

Wish kids!

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Sad maples at the fence

Goodbye day ...

Goodbye kindergarten


We sit at our desks

This fall!

Even a teddy bear

Doesn't want to sleep ...

On the floor sits in a corner

Goodbye to him.

Here are the rains on the glass

Rolled ...

Sad day, we guys

And fun.

Goodbye, kindergarten.

Hello, school!

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We are here to you for the handle is expensive,

His own happiness led -

And then you met us with love,

And together with you, we have grown since then ...


You have provided us with substantial support.

Advice helping us always.

And for the children, the family made you tender,

After all, as to relatives, they came to you here!


Thank you for the colorful childhood

For our lovely nice kids!

He and you were very interesting!

Get plenty of friends like them here!

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You with the graduate today

Congratulations and sad

And in the fall with a briefcase

Oh, let's go to the first class.


Wish inspiration

And the strength to create.

We wish new children

Give your warmth.

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Our moms are the second

Your chicks now

Go to the first class.

We congratulate you on this

Very appreciate, we respect.

Let your pupils

They can make our world more beautiful.

Thank you for your work,

For kindness, warmth, care

From the heart we want to say

Happiness in life to wish!