Privatization of a site: we collect a full package of documents

Submission of privatization application

The first step towards the privatization of a land plot is the submission of a relevant application to the village council or district administration. The choice of authority to which the above application should be submitted depends on the location of the privatized site. The application shall include the following data: passport data and the applicant's TIN, information about the site (its size and purpose), as well as the purpose for which it is planned to use the site after privatization.

Formation of a set of necessary documents

First of all, it should be noted that if on a plot to be privatized there is a building that is legally owned by the applicant, then the latter has the exclusive right to acquire such a plot into ownership (clause 1 of Article 36 of the Land Code of the Russian Federation).To confirm ownership of the building on the privatized plot, an extract from the Unified State Register of Rights to Immovable Property and Transactions with It should be obtained. The next necessary document is a document establishing the right of the applicant to own the plot. If the applicant does not have such title documents for the plot to be privatized, then it is necessary to collect documents for surveying, namely: a certificate of membership in the garden society, a general decree issued on the land of the garden society or partnership, an act of agreeing the boundaries of the plot with the neighbors, a cadastral statement on the privatized land plot.
Included with the listed documents, the applicant must provide a copy of a document certifying his identity (for example, a passport). If the applicant acts through a representative, you should also provide a copy of the document certifying the identity of the representative, as well as a document confirming his powers (for example, a power of attorney).
The above set of documents is considered by the municipal authorities, and within a month a decision is made on the possibility / impossibility of transferring the land to the ownership of the applicant.

Making land plan

If a positive resolution is received from the authorities, a topographic and geodetic survey should be made, on the basis of which a draft of the boundaries of the site is prepared, which, in turn, should be coordinated with the local authorities. After coordination of the draft boundaries, a boundary plan is prepared, which is submitted to the cadastral registration authorities for the cadastral registration of the privatized plot.
After the land surveying work has been completed and the cadastral passport for the privatized land plot has been issued, the municipal authority has prepared a resolution on the transfer of the named plot to the applicant. On the basis of such a decree, the applicant is entitled to apply to the registration authorities (RF FRS) to register the right of ownership for the land plot and, as a result, obtain a certificate of ownership.