Pros and cons of bone china

If you prefer exquisite dishes and elegant accessories, then buy a few products from bone china. But first find out all the features of this material.

What is the material?

What is bone china? It got its name for a reason: the material is characterized by increased strength and contains a specially treated bone. This kind of porcelain appeared around the end of the 18th century and was the result of attempts to reproduce Chinese porcelain known throughout the world. It was not possible to achieve similarity, but the addition of bone ash to the material allowed us to obtain a new formula, which was gradually supplemented and brought to the basic version used so far.

The composition of the amazing bone china includes several items. About a quarter (25%) is a special white clay kaolin. The material contains approximately the same amount of spar with quartz additives. All the rest, namely half - these are animal bones, previously burned out and practically brought to the state of ash.

Used in the production of bones are thermally processed and heated to high temperatures - about 1000 degrees Celsius. With this heating, all organic substances from the structure are burned, and the raw material itself acquires the necessary consistency. The finished liquid mass is distributed in gypsum forms, after solidification it is separated, fired, supplemented with decor and, if necessary, covered with a layer of glaze.

For your information! Modern technologies allowed replacing calcium phosphate of biological origin with mineral. But the characteristics and quality of the products is in no way affected.

Differences from ordinary porcelain

What is the difference between bone china and ordinary? The main difference is the composition into which bones are treated in a special way. They allow to achieve maximum strength and make the walls of products more thin. Products take soft form, it becomes more elegant. If you look through the material to the light, it will slightly translucent, and this adds extra sophistication. Due to such properties, bone china has gained incredible popularity.

Advantages and disadvantages

Consider the main characteristics of bone china, which can be safely considered as advantages:

  • Increased strength. Although the products are thin, they are quite resistant to mechanical stress.
  • The walls of devices are illuminated, which gives the dishes a special charm, lightness, refinement and elegance. For this, bone china is valued, including by representatives of high society and aristocratic circles. The service from this material is a sign of impeccable taste and status.
  • Special color - noble milk. You will not see any dullness.
  • Perfectly smooth, pleasant to touch surface.
  • Versatility. A variety of objects are made of bone china: decorative figurines and vases, tableware and tea sets.


  • Special care is required that extends the life of the products and preserves their original qualities and appearance.
  • Even to keep bone china in a special way, otherwise its characteristics will change.
  • Quite high cost, especially in comparison with ordinary porcelain and other materials.
  • Although the items are durable, they do not withstand sudden changes in temperature.

Famous brands

The most famous manufacturers of bone china products:

  • The Imperial Porcelain Factory (IPE) is the first enterprise specialized in bone china and opened in the middle of the eighteenth century. And now it is the only Russian manufacturer producing quality products, sustained in the best traditions.
  • Wedgwood is an English company that produces classic variations of dishes and avant-garde series, including true masterpieces of art of non-standard forms.
  • "Spode" is a British brand with many years of experience, under which various products are produced.
  • Royal Doulton is the largest supplier of bone china from England known worldwide.
  • Narumi is a Japanese manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of products in Oriental style. But there is in the range and modern lines. Many products are made by hand.

Proper storage

How to store bone china? Do not put the devices in each other. If there is not much space, place paper or cloth napkins between the objects. Bone china should not be placed near heating or heating devices, as well as sources of open fire (gas stove), otherwise they may undergo deformation.If you put devices near, they should not touch: leave a distance between them to avoid chipping.

Peculiarities of care

Basic rules of care:

  • Do not wash the devices in hot water, it must be warm or have a room temperature.
  • Remember that the products do not tolerate temperature fluctuations, so do not heat them or send them to the refrigerator. And before pouring hot drinks, preheat the walls slowly, pouring hot water on them.
  • Do not rub the surface with hard sponges and scourers.
  • Do not use for washing aggressive detergents.
  • Wipe bone china with a soft, dry cloth to remove moisture. Dust can be removed with a slightly damp absorbing material.
  • Do not move cups and plates on the table: chips and scratches may appear at the bottom.

How to make the right choice?

When choosing products from fine bone china, you should pay attention to:

  1. Colour. Perfect - noble milk. Yellowness, grayness or dark inclusions on the surface should not be.
  2. Transparency. Taking the device in hand and looking through it at the light, you should see the outline of your fingers.
  3. Manufacturer.It will be indicated by the official marking of one of the brands, which is usually put on the reverse side. If there are no identifying marks, or a little-known company, then the purchase should be abandoned: the products are hardly quality and will last for a long time.
  4. Drawing. Typically, patterns are created by hand, so brush strokes should be noticeable, varying degrees of color saturation.
  5. Smoothness. On the surface there can be no bumps, bubbles, grooves, cracks, scratches, stitches and chips.
  6. Price. If it is suspiciously low, most likely you have a fake. The average cost of the service is 3-4 thousand rubles.

Bone china is a special material that will charm at first sight and conquer the true connoisseurs.

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