Pros and cons of Roman curtains

Roman curtains - this is one of the effective and practical window decors, which is suitable for almost any interior apartment, home or office.

What are they? In fact, it is a rectangular canvas, from the wrong side of which rings are sewn at equal distances from each other, with cords threaded into them. All this is attached to the mechanism by which you can raise and lower the curtains, fix them at a certain height. When open, they fall in soft parallel curves, resembling uniform folds of an accordion.

What are the?

There are a huge number of varieties of Roman lifting curtains, differing in:

  • material of the canvas. It can be: linen, silk, cotton, jacquard, velvet, flock or synthetic fabric, as well as bamboo or natural weaving;
  • color range. The manufacturer provides a wide range of photo samples in a different color spectrum;
  • the number and shape of the folds;
  • the principle of operation;
  • type of mechanism (with a manual control system or remote with an electric motor).

In addition, Roman curtains can be decorated with various tassels or ruffles, combined with ordinary curtains (tulle, organza) or combined with other design solutions. All this is applicable in the interior of the bedroom, the nursery, the living room, as well as for the kitchen and other living rooms.

Style (strict, romantic, etc.), in which the curtains are made, depends on the room in which they will be installed.

What are the benefits?

Why Roman curtains fell in love with many hostesses? Because they have many positive properties:

  • practical, sewn on windows of any shape, non-standard design decisions or size;
  • harmoniously look in any interior, even in conservative classics;
  • do not take up much space;
  • easily fall and rise to the desired height;
  • do not burn out under the influence of sunlight;
  • excellently protect from bright sunshine;
  • economical - you can choose a budget version of the canvas.

Are there any disadvantages?

In general, there are no complaints and complaints about such curtains! Feedback from happy owners is usually positive, so the demand for them is growing.The only thing that confuses is a rather big price. Cost may increase due to the mechanism, quality of fabric and manufacturing process.

How to care?

If you have become the happy owners of Roman window beauty, then be sure to check out the little tricks of maintenance and care. So, the main recommendations:

  1. Curtains will last longer if they are often not washed, and cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Washing should be done in a washing machine or manually, depending on the fabric and dimensions. To do this, it is better to take a universal powder and water at room temperature (no higher than 40 degrees).
  3. Before washing, be sure to pull out the rails (plastic, wood, etc.), dividing the fabric into strips. This is not at all difficult to do: just remove each crossbar alternately from the side of the curtains where the trim line is not attached.
  4. Rinsing should be thorough to avoid chemical reaction and discoloration of the cloth due to the remaining grains of detergent in the fibers of the cloth.
  5. To remove deep-stained spots, it is better to contact a dry-cleaning salon.

How to fix them?

How to fasten the Roman blinds? Fastening is carried out directly to the ceiling, to the window opening or to the window itself. Developed several mounting methods.

The most convenient, aesthetic and correct method is to install them on the eaves. If you made curtains with your own hands, you can order the eaves separately, referring to the dimensions of the sewn window leaf.

Three types of curtain rods have been developed:

  • Mini - eaves for products of small sizes, which is attached to the window frame;
  • Classic - standard cornice for curtains of medium size: 1.5 × 1.8 m;
  • Skos is a unique eaves, which is designed for windows of a non-standard look, of a special shape and / or inclined.

Another way is to fasten Roman curtains with velcro. Despite the fact that this method is the simplest and most effective, it has one noticeable drawback - over time, the sticky tape loses its retention properties, which means it will not be able to hold the canvas of the product.

Some prefer the original method - it is mounted on the frame. This method is effective if the Roman curtains combined with tulle.

And in conclusion, we note that the Roman blinds are the most popular,fashionable and practical curtains, which can mask the shortcomings of the window, protect from the sun's rays and adjust the level of illumination of the room.

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