Proven Ways to Make Your Brain Work

If you cannot remember something important or make a quick decision, most likely your brain is not working at full capacity. But it can be fixed.

So how do you make your brain work?

  1. Eat right. The brain needs food, and it gets it from the food we eat. So if there are more “right” and necessary products for the brain, then its work will noticeably improve. Phosphorus, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, vitamins E, A, C, and group B must be ingested into the body. nuts, liver, citrus, legumes and greens.
  2. Sleep more. In a dream, the brain rests, and it needs a complete rest. If you do not pay enough attention to sleep, then the brain will work literally for wear, its cells will wear out and do not have time to recover. It is important to go to Morpheus’s arms no later than 10:00 pm, because it is at this time that the body produces hormones that provide complete relaxation and restoration of all systems and tissues.
  3. Learn to focus. For example, in the exam it is worth to drive out all the extraneous thoughts and concentrate only on the ticket that got.
  4. Workout smells. To improve the brain can use aromatherapy. Some essential oils stimulate brain activity and normalize the functioning of the nervous system, so that you can add them to water during bath procedures. And you can place an aromatic lamp, or at least a cotton wool dipped in oil, near the workplace. And if you choose the right oil, the effect will be even more noticeable. For example, rose and lavender oils will help you relax, and the aromas of lemon, grapefruit, cypress and mint will allow you to invigorate.
  5. Learn to notice the little things and focus on them attention. For example, when traveling by public transport, carefully study the clothes of other passengers. On a walk, inspect homes, shops, passers-by. Coming home, try to remember as many details as possible.
  6. If you need to concentrate and solve an important task in a difficult situation, then, first of all, you should relax, because stress causes a spasm of cerebral vessels and, accordingly, severely disrupts its work and reduces activity. It is important to learn how to relax properly.You can simply close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few minutes. Some relieve stress help pleasant memories.
  7. For the brain to work 100 percent, you need to stimulate the work of both its hemispheres. How to do it? Scientists have shown that right-handed people have better developed left hemisphere, while left-handers have better right. But if you periodically change the "working", that is, constantly used hand, then you can stimulate the work of the less involved hemisphere. So if you usually do everything with your right hand, then try a day or at least a few hours to turn into a left-handed person.
  8. Meditate. Meditation will help to achieve "enlightenment" and significantly improve brain activity. But do not expect that you can completely relax on the first day and reach nirvana. To get started, prepare a place and provide a comfortable environment. Sit back, relax and try not to think about anything. You can concentrate on your breathing or fantasy. Give meditation daily for at least 10-20 minutes.
  9. Do sports. Proved that physical activity has a positive effect on mental activity.
  10. Watch your posture.To some, this advice may seem strange, but in fact, incorrect posture leads to impaired cerebral circulation and, as a result, to the deterioration of the brain. So at work or at school, always watch your back.
  11. Solve logical problems. Some of them will absolutely make your brain work better.
  12. Listen to classical music. Scientists have proven that the works of the classics have a positive effect on brain activity. And especially useful creations of Mozart.
  13. Reduce the use of alcohol, it is harmful to the brain. It not only damages the brain cells, but also prevents their full recovery (which is why a headache hurts so much during a hangover).
  14. Keep a personal diary. Firstly, such an exercise will develop fine motor skills, and secondly, you will be able to improve memory, because each time you will remember and mentally scroll through all the events of the past day.
  15. To make the brain work better and faster, constantly learn new information and learn new skills. This will allow the use of inactive parts of the brain and, therefore, significantly improve its functioning.
  16. If you need to do something important and requiring strength, have a cup of coffee. Caffeine stimulates brain activity and allows you to make important decisions. But the coffee is not enough for a long time. Although if you drink a cup a day, you will soon notice lasting improvements.
  17. Develop your imagination. Dreaming and dreaming before bed is very useful.
  18. Develop all the senses: smell, sight, hearing, touch and taste. It is best to do it with help. For example, ask someone to offer you a few products or dishes. You have to find out exactly what you tried. You can also guess the smells. In addition, you can close your eyes for a few minutes and move around the apartment. You can also dress or look for something in the bag by touch.
  19. Watch educational television programs, read scientific articles in magazines.
  20. Help improve the brain verses. You can teach them or even compose.
  21. Think positive. Scientists have found that the hormones of joy - endorphins - have a certain effect on the work of the brain. So try to look for only the good in everything. It is also very helpful to laugh.
  22. Try to communicate more with smart and educated people.

Let your brain work in full force!

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