Psychological causes of excess weight

For many people, the main reason for overweight comes from childhood. Mothers and grandmothers often force children to eat more to be strong. In kindergarten, it is also necessary to eat up the entire portion.

Children are often encouraged to sweets for good behavior. A program is formed in the subconscious: eat more - you will be good. This is confirmed by the saying "a good man must be many."

Another psychological reason for overweight is loneliness. In the modern world with constantly busy parents, children often feel lonely, trying to brighten up life with something pleasant, namely, sweets. Thus, the installation is formed that to overcome stress and fill the spiritual emptiness will help sweet.

In turn, the parents, feeling guilty for not being able to stay with the child all the time, try to compensate her with sweet gifts.

One of the reasons for being overweight is the desire to attract attention and stand out from the crowd.

Fear of a close relationship can also lead to extra pounds. For example, in women in the subconscious mind there may be a setting that says that men are a danger. In this case, full girls can sit on diets, but to no avail, because the subconscious believes that losing weight will lead to negative consequences.

Psychologists can help those who want to lose weight. They reveal the internal causes of excess weight. Finding and eliminating them, a person can lead to weight to normal without heavy exercise and exhausting diets.