Publications by Alexander Yakimov

����������������The article describes how to connect a smartphone to a computer via WiFi. Detailed step-by-step instructions are given for creating and configuring a virtual router on a PC, connecting a smartphone and setting up access to shared folders.
����������������This article describes how to open the bin file. Information is given in which cases the data is stored in BIN files. A list of programs for opening video and disk images in the BIN format.
����������������This article describes how to update Google Chrome. The likely reasons for the failure of Google Update and how to fix them are indicated. Provides detailed instructions for starting a manual update.
����������������The article describes how to install a WiFi router. Step-by-step instructions on connecting to the web interface and changing settings are given. Attention is paid to the correct connection of connectors.
����������������This article describes how to reduce the font on a computer. To solve this problem, options are offered using predefined settings and with independent determination of font size.
����������������This article describes how to find out the network security key. Two detailed step by step instructions for obtaining a network security key for an already configured home group are provided.
����������������The article describes how to open the fb2 file. A list of the most convenient programs for reading and editing fb2 files. Provides information about the features of the format Fiction Book.
����������������The article describes how to check the Internet. It provides detailed instructions for diagnosing an Internet connection. Attention is also paid to checking your balance, traffic and tariff.
����������������The article describes the types of security companies, the profession of a security guard and his official duties. It allows you to understand what the guard does at work, as well as to learn about the features of this profession.
����������������The article describes how to correctly quit your job. A strategy is proposed for correct dismissal, while maintaining good relations and material benefits. Attention is paid to the issue of working off when leaving.