Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham get married after 8 years of relationship

They say that if a man did not make an offer to you in the first three years of a relationship, then you can no longer wait for anything and slowly collect things. But look at the stars: some for five or six years go to the status of “we are so good,” or even longer! For example, supermodel Carly Kloss only recently finally got engaged to boyfriend Joshua Kushner, and now it turned out that Jason Statham is preparing to make Rosie Huntington-Whiteley his wife - after eight years of living together.

“In fact, they planned to get married last year, but then decided to postpone this event because of the upcoming birth,” said a source. “Now that Jack is already one year old, Rosie and Jason are planning a celebration after all.” Soon they will begin to send guests invitations to the wedding, which will be held right on the eve of the New Year. ”

Last week, the lovers became the brightest couple at the premiere of the film “Meg: The Monster of the Depth,” in which Statham played one of the main characters. “Proud of you is incredible,” Rosie signed a delicate snapshot with Jason. "We are best friends. He makes me laugh every day. With Jason, it seems to me that I had never had a real boyfriend before, ”the supermodel told me in an interview.