Rules for transplanting indoor plants

In order to transplant the plant, it is necessary to remove the old drainage, clean the earthy clod from the ground, cut off rotten and damaged roots.
Prepare the pot of the desired diameter in advance, ground, expanded clay, substrate components, scoop, scissors.
New pots of clay before planting must be soaked, and the old thoroughly rinsed in hot water with the addition of disinfectant (copper sulfate, bleach solution), and after drying.
Remove the plant from the pot and remove the pieces of the old substrate, then gently rinse the old soil, lowering the plant in warm water.
Now carefully inspect all the roots. All rotten and dried roots cut with sharp scissors.
Next, you should prepare the ground. To do this, pour the ground into a small container, add the necessary components of the substrate, mix well. Grind all large clods of earth to make a loose and homogeneous mixture.
Place a drainage pot on the bottom of the pot, then a layer of substrate, top it with earth in the form of a small cone.
Now lightly sprinkle the roots of the plant with crushed charcoal and lower it into the ground.
Fill the entire space of the pot, gradually adding soil and slightly tamping it. You can not deeply deepen the plant, and also expose its roots.
At the end of the transplant, water the plant and add a little more soil if necessary.