Save your supplies: fighting bugs in the croup

Do not panic if insect larvae are found in your kitchen. Such a nuisance can happen to everyone - insects attack warehouses with products, which means they could get to your house from the store. Fortunately, pests can be fought, although spoiled products still have to be thrown away.

Perform a full audit of your inventory.

Larvae can gnaw through even a sealed plastic bag. Carefully inspect the flour, cereals, pasta and dried fruits. Infected moth products are urgently sent to the trash, and causing doubts - for additional processing.

Put the cereal in the oven

Set the highest temperature regime and bake croup for half an hour, spread out on parchment paper. Such a procedure will kill the larvae. The method does not help with flour - it can burn.

Send to frost

Low temperatures are another of your assistants. However, in this case, stocks should be left in the cold for several days.Destructive for the larvae will be the temperature of -10 and below.

All in jars

Store food in glass. This method allows you to ensure the tightness and time to detect pests.

Aggressive cleaning

Wipe all cabinets, especially slots and corners with vinegar, boric acid solution or lemon juice.

Add flavor

Many smells pleasant for people, the mole does not tolerate. Put fresh garlic, peppermint or lavender in the cabinets. You can take cotton pads, soak in essential oil and spread out throughout the kitchen.