Sheikha Mozah: an Arab woman that all men listen to

Recently, in the Arab world, apparently, the fashion has gone for "strong and independent" women. Increasingly, young ladies take off the veil, put on fashionable mini from Christian Dior and their ilk and take the reins in their hands. One example of such a capricious and bold (as Timati would call her) persons is the political and social activities of Sheikh Moz.

The story of her life is compared to the plot of a good Turkish series - the second of three wives of the third emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Kalif al-Thani, an exemplary mother of seven children, and an icon of style not only for women of the third world, but also of the entire planet.

So, who is this beautiful and domineering lady who destroyed all stereotypes about Arab women? Today we will tell some interesting facts about Sheikh Moz.

First of all study, and boys - then

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Everything in the girl's life began exactly like that of Cinderella. At age 18, she met the future prince.But not in a hurry to get married. She first graduated from the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Qatar, followed by a series of internships at prestigious American universities. And only after the Sheikh received a strong education in all respects, she finally thought about what is now possible and get married.

Family calm before the storm

The first time after the marriage of the Sheikh, as befits a well-bred Arab wife, sat at home, cooked borscht and raised children. As they say, nothing foreshadowed. But in 1995, after her hubby seized power in the country by force, overthrowing his own father from the throne, the situation for Moza changed dramatically. After the coup, the foundations of the Anglo-Saxon world turned upside down, they started talking about Qatar thanks to its oil and gas complex. At this time, the moment came when an enterprising husband decided that now it is possible to show the second wife to the world community - a spectacular and educated one.

Era of Moza

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From this point on, the second wife did not deny herself anything - she was actively engaged in social and political activities, embodying the most daring projects, and regularly replenished her wardrobe with the latest designer novelties.By the way, an interesting fact, from the Russian designers, the best outfits of Ksenia Sobchak Uliana Sergeenko are particularly admired by Moza.

From the Arabs only turban

While wearing Moza’s clothes, she doesn’t limit herself at all, despite the tough Muslim prohibitions and regulations that an Arab woman should dress in a certain way (black skirt, face-bandage). Of the mandatory requirements - only a turban, and then for each outfit he is strictly his. Probably, Sheikha Moza has the largest collection of turbans among all women in the world.

In politics, Moz follows the same approach as in the style - innovative and a little aggressive. For this, many people dislike her, to put it mildly, but this, of course, does not stop a cunning and diplomatic Arab woman. And in spite of everything, in one and in another sphere, a woman has achieved tremendous success and has changed her foundations. About fashion, we have already said. As for political life, here Moza significantly influenced the development of the gas market. So much so that Qatar is periodically accused of trying to seize a significant part of the global gas market.

As for social activities, Moza heads the education fund,science and social development of Qatar, but also is the president of the Supreme Council for Family Matters, the vice-president of the Supreme Council for Education, and also the special envoy of UNESCO. But this active Sheikh was not enough, she created her own Arab Democratic Foundation, its main task is to promote the development of free media and civil society. And how does she, with all this employment, manage to look like and work with her seven children? This oriental mystery, this vanderwumen.