Simple and fast master class: a festive dress with one seam

  • Verv Vihareva

    Very simple .. and nice !!

  • Veronica

    It turns out that the sleeves with cuts along the entire length? Not really. And processing of all cuts? Or on the fabric "microoil" is not necessary? What for the fabric, by the way? Hard synthetics?

  • Well, I do not. You can take pictures, and how to wear?

  • Caxapok

    Horror, it's better to buy a dress. What is spent on fabric, most likely not cheap, cut some kind of holes and then this is also the way out. Tryndets

  • Svetlana

    According to this method, I made a dress of crepe georgette of leopard shades, but the skirt to the floor was half-polished, the hood added, it turned out to be a stylish, flying thing, I wear it with great pleasure in the summer.

  • Anonymous

    I agree - horror!

  • Anonymous

    The idea is not bad, but if you do not process the edges, there will be no view. You can go to the studio and ask to process only the edges with a microblock

  • Tatyana

    Fashion for the poor and lazy? Thank you but no.

  • Anonymous

    A skirt 75 cm long will not work. From the center to the edge only 75 cm.And when you cut the waist will remain at best, see 55-60

  • Anonymous

    “Placing a centimeter around the intended center point and outlining with chalk” it is impossible to cut out the right circle. Skirt will mow. The markup must be done according to the type of compass - putting off segments that are equal to the selected radius of the hole from the center in a circle.