To prevent the bathroom mirror from misting up

Each of us faced a problem when, coming out of the shower, you try to look in the mirror for cosmetic procedures, but it was not there. The entire mirror surface in water stains and drops. You have to wait for the room to air, and you can finally see your reflection.
 Hardened mirror
This trouble is solved in three ways. First, you can strengthen the ventilation mode. To do this, use a special fan that is built into the hood of the bathroom and is turned on when necessary. Secondly, the installation of a shower stall that saves steam inside will come to the rescue. This, of course, is not cheap, but very effective. The third method is simple and practically free. It consists in rubbing the mirror with a simple shampoo. This is done during normal cleaning, when the mirror is washed and wiped dry without staining.A drop of any shampoo present in the house is taken and applied on the mirror surface. Rub this drop with a dry cloth will be easy. The procedure will take only a few minutes and will not leave marks on the glass. The mirror will look as usual. Do not take too much shampoo, as it will have to be rubbed for a very long time until there is no divorce. It will be enough ½ tsp for a mirror size of 50 × 70 cm. The brand of shampoo does not matter. The result appears immediately after carrying out water procedures. The walls and ceiling of the bathroom are covered with evaporation, and the mirror remains unchanged. For comparison, I first covered only one half of the mirror with shampoo and evaluated the result immediately after a shower. The result is enough for 2-3 weeks. Then the procedure will have to be repeated.
 clean mirror
Thus, a simple folk method to keep a mirror in the bathroom does not fog up everything. A little diligence in rubbing shampoo on the glass and light steam!