Spicy black beans with vegetables

Photo: Elena Moskalenko
Beans (black)200 gramsCarrot2 pieces)Bulb onions2 headsGarlic2 teethChili (ground)1 tbsp.Chilli (fresh)Olive oil20 millilitersSunflower oil20 millilitersSoy sauce50 millilitersSugar2 tbsp.Rice vinegar30 milliliters
  • Servings:

Black beans in China is an indispensable superfood. Protein and young, these beans are great in soups, salads and snacks. Wday.ru offers a spicy version with vegetables - put the likes, the recipe is worthy.


Soak the black beans overnight in a large amount of clean cold water.

After soaking, rinse the black beans, put them in a saucepan, pour again with cold clean water and cook until ready, fold into a sieve.

Shred carrots fine straws.

In a hot mixture of olive and sunflower oil, dissolve a clove of garlic, add cayenne pepper to boiling oil and ignite to a spicy aroma - remove chili and garlic.

Onions nashinkovat thin straws.In a separate frying pan, heat the soy sauce to a boil, add the onion to it and simmer gently, dusted with sugar.

Mix beans and carrots, season with grated garlic, chili pepper and a pinch of palm sugar (you can use regular cane), pour in vegetables spicy fried onion in oil, vinegar and mix.

Spicy black beans can be served warm as a side dish, and you can send them at 4 o'clock in the cold and then serve as a salad or snack.