"Spider-Man: Returning Home" and another 6 cool movie premieres of July

Three major premieres await us in July: the new Spiderman, the sequel to Planet of the Apes, and the grandiose film by Christopher Nolan, Dunkirk. Fans of Charlize Theron will enjoy Blast Blonde, and Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst and El Fanning will appear in the mysterious Fatal Temptation.

"Spiderman: Returning Home"

Premiere: July 6

It is already known that the restarted "Spider-Man" will turn into a three-part franchise. In addition, the updated Spider-Man will appear in other films dedicated to the Marvel Avengers.

In the role of Peter Parker Tom Holland, a young actor who has already appeared in the role of Spider-Man in the film "The First Avenger: Opposition." In the movie “Spiderman: Returning Home,” Holland will be played along by Robert Downey Jr. His Tony Stark will direct Peter Parker and save from a number of mistakes.The main villain will be the Buzzard performed by Michael Keaton.

The creator of the new "Spider-Man" - a novice Hollywood director John Watts.

“It’s the raccoon’s fault.”

Premiere: July 6

How will your loved ones behave if you just go and disappear for a while? One day, lawyer Howard Wakefield looked into the windows of his house from an old garage, where he had climbed, chasing a raccoon. After that, he decided not to return home to his wife and two daughters, paused his life and began to watch his family live without him.

To honor of Brian Cranston, who played the main role, he was not stuck in the image of a chemistry teacher who became a drug baron (“Breaking Bad”), but he realizes himself in various films. The wife of the main character plays Jennifer Garner.

"Planet of the Apes: War"

Premiere: July 13

The ninth part of the franchise about the opposition of people and monkeys, in which the monkeys are endowed with much more humanity.

The film was shot by Matt Reeves, who was the director of the tape "Planet of the Apes: Revolution." After the events of the "Revolution" two years pass. The monkeys are still fighting for the right to live, and the leader of the monkeys, Caesar, played by Andy Serkis, enters into a personal fight with the colonel of the army of people played by Woody Harrelson.

Watching movies is worth it to fans of spectacular tapes, even if the previous parts of the franchise were left out.


Premiere: July 13

The film scandal of the recent "Kinotavr". Roman Volobuev, who wrote the script and directed this crime comedy, asked to remove his name from the captions because of the production montage that did not suit him.

TV presenter Liza (Svetlana Ustinova), entered into a personal and professional crisis, gets into the car and goes wherever she looks. Once in the Moscow region of Elektrougli, Liza accidentally turns out to be a hostage of the dashing, but close-minded Natasha (Anna Chipovskaya), who has just robbed a microlending item. Natasha wants to buy clothes and conquer Moscow, like Lisa herself used to be.


Premiere: July 20

One of the most anticipated films of the summer is the grand premiere of Christopher Nolan with Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Harry Styles and Mark Ryloans.

After the battle of the French city of Dunkirk at the beginning of World War II, German troops blocked the British, French and Belgian parts. The best solution was an emergency evacuation.

The struggle goes on the sea, in the air and on land; to the music of Hans Zimmer for their own, trapped in the ring of the enemy, not only military but also civilians are fighting.

"Blasting Blonde"

Premiere: July 27

Charlize Theron as a British intelligence agent is good in both spy intrigues and melee. Cold, cunning and cruel, spy Lorraine Broughton does not know any rules, but copes with all tasks. She is sent to Berlin with a secret special mission, where she is accompanied by local agent David (James McEvoy).

Psychological games and acting depths will not be here, because the basis of "Blasting Blonde" was the comic, but there will be many spectacular fights, in which the director-director David Litch ("John Wick") ate the dog.

"Fateful Temptation"

Premiere: July 27

The film - the winner of the Cannes Film Festival (Sofia Coppola won the "Golden Branch" for directing) gathered a lot of stars, including the favorite Coppola Kirsten Dunst, as well as Nicole Kidman, El Fanning and Colin Farrell.

During the Civil War in the United States, a wounded corporal gets into the girl's boarding house, standing in the forest. Once in the women's kingdom, the soldier recovers and effortlessly falls in love with half of the boarding house.At this moment, good angels turn into jealous and cruel harpies.