Stick Feet: Kaya Gerber has emphasized thinness with an unfortunate outfit

Cindy Crawford's daughter is already suspected of anorexia.

Kaya Gerber began working in 10 years. Now the daughter of Cindy Crawford 17, and she already flaunts the catwalk in dresses of Prada, Chanel, Fendi and Versace. She appeared on the cover of Vogue and became the face of Marc Jacobs Daisy. So move over, Cindy, daughter is coming. Moreover, Kaya has already outgrown her mother by 1 centimeter. And, most likely, the teenage girl will still grow.

One thing that cares about Kaiya fans is that she’s too thin. With a height of 176 centimeters, the model weighs only 42 kilograms. On the eve of Gerber arrived at the Fashion Week in Paris. The girl came out in tight leather leggings, which only further emphasized her unhealthy thinness.

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

At the same time, in her interviews, Kaya assures that she eats literally for two: pasta - for dinner every day, bagels for breakfast and good steaks for lunch. And also caramel bananas for dessert.

Perhaps, on the figure affects the busy schedule Kaya. Indeed, in addition to working on the podium, the girl has to continue her studies at school.Of course, the model cannot attend classes regularly, so it learns online.

“Do not forget that she is still a teenager. Kaya can eat at least 4 cheeseburgers per day and still look like her mother. In addition, she has good genes, so leave her alone, ”the girl’s fans reply in the comments to the haters.

Yes, parents' genes work wonders. However, Cindy Crawford has never been associated with skinny models and painful thinness. And at the same time she always showed a smart figure.