Strengthening hair folk remedies


It is not always possible to carefully monitor their health. Hurry, snacks on the run, obstruction at work, problems at home - all this is reflected in the appearance of hair and skin. Hair becomes dull, brittle, fall out. Traditional medicine has long been firmly lodged in our souls. Even our ancestors learned to cope with problems thanks to the created recipes for beauty and health.

Hair type determination

To start a fight with the problems of your hair, first determine what type of hair you are. Otherwise, with the wrong selection of folk remedies it will only get worse.

To determine your hair type, you can contact a hairdresser. But if there is no time for this, then it will not be difficult to do this on your own. Hair is divided into several groups:

in thickness (hair diameter),
according to the form
by fat content,
on rigidity.

Group number 1.

Thin. Such hair delivers trouble to its owner. They are also called "liquid". The hostess of thin hair is unlikely to create a lush hairstyle on her head that will last the whole evening at the party.Thin hair is distinguished by the following features:

Shortage of volume. Of such hair is difficult to weave braid. It will remind a rat tail, which will cause the desire to pull for him.
Permanent entanglement. Combing thin hairs, you risk getting a headache, because they mix up and create small coils. They are difficult to unravel, sometimes with a sharp jerk a whole bunch of hair is pulled out.
Loss of shape hairstyles. You may be able to lay such hair, but the hairstyle will quickly lose its shape, it will not take 2 hours.

Strengthening hair folk remedies

Thin hair requires regular feeding, and styling products should not weigh them down. On this occasion, mousses are suitable, which are applied only to the roots. Wax and gels are not suitable.

To improve the quality of life and reduce the irritating factor because of problem hair proprietresses are recommended a smooth haircut without steps, filings.

Thick. They differ in their weight and volume. Excessive thickness and density also interferes with the hostess. Because of the weight, curled hair quickly spreads out, hairstyles do not hold. To improve the condition, it is recommended to use rinse after washing. A short haircut will help in solving the problem with styling.
Average. If the above problems are not familiar to you. Hair styling and hairstyles are held for a long time, your hair is not annoying you, you are lucky - you are the owner of the standard average thickness of hair.

Group number 2.

Straight lines Straight hair is good because you can do anything with it. The flight of fantasies is endless. As a rule, girls. Those with straight hair love to curl them.
Wavy. These hair are a cross between straight and curly hair. They have light smooth lines, curls flow over her shoulders, making the image of a girl romantic and mysterious.
Curly hair often causes admiration and envy in females. However, not everything is so rosy, because they give the housewives a lot of problems. They are difficult to lay, much less straighten.

Strengthening hair folk remedies

Group number 3.

Subdivided into 4 subgroups:

mixed (when the dry ends are combined with fatty roots).

To determine what type of hair you are, there are 3 methods:

Pay attention to how often your head requires bathing. If your hair requires daily washing and by the evening it already looks untidy, then you are of the type “greasy”.For a long time your hair looks clean and fresh, does not require bathing (up to 1 week or more) - you are of the “dry” type. In normal and mixed types of hair, they require washing at intervals of 2-3 days.
Pay attention to the skin. Her hair type and type match. If you are the owner of shiny, shiny skin that requires constant dusting - your type is "oily." Dry skin, pale color, flaking - dry hair type. If the skin does not have problems, respectively, and with the hair, too, they are not.
Testing. The approximate type of hair is defined as follows: wash your head in the evening. And in the morning with a paper or napkin rub in the temple or behind the ear. If there is a greasy stain on the piece of paper - the type is greasy or mixed. If not - dry or normal. There is another way. Take a balloon, rub it on the head. Watch out for static electricity. The fatter the hair, the fewer hairs will stick to the ball. If the hair is completely dry, then most of the hair will rise upward after the ball.

Group number 4.

Soft silky curls do not bring women problems. They are easily woven into hairstyles, keep their shape, lie neatly all day. Poorly have the weaker sex with hard hair.They are distinguished by dryness (but not fragility), rapid loss of the shape of the hairstyle, the impossibility of curling and styling. Struggling with them with nourishing masks, balms that soften and smooth the hair structure.

Strengthen hair in children folk remedies

Children have problems with hair growth. Sometimes you can notice their loss. Most often this is due to hormonal adjustment during the growth of the child (age 12-16 years). You do not need to worry, the decoctions of herbs will help to cope with the problem, which will serve as head rinse after washing with shampoo.

We get: infusion of oregano ordinary. Take 2 tablespoons of herbs, pour a glass of hot water. Insist 3-4 hours (better in a thermos).
We acquire: creeping zhivuchki infusion, which will require 5 tablespoons. Fill with 1 liter of hot water. We insist 3-4 hours.

These herbs are sold in pharmacies.Strengthening hair folk remedies

The tincture made from the rhizomes of the meadow clover will also help. In the summer it grows almost everywhere. It will take only 3 roots, grated in a grater. This amount is poured 100 ml of alcohol or vodka. Infusion is prepared all day. Daily produce rubbing with cotton wool in the scalp of the child.

Strengthening normal and dry hair folk remedies

Sour milk mask. The perfect choice for her would be kefir or sour milk. Better to make these products yourself, it is easy. Take fatter milk, then kefir will be with good fat content - what you need for dry and normal hair, requiring maximum nutrition and moisturizing. Spread the liquid through the hair, fasten it with a hairpin, wrap it in plastic and a towel. Keep for long - 15-25 minutes. Wash off with warm water using shampoo.

Rye mask. If you have a portion of a loaf of rye bread left at your home, do not throw it away; it will serve your hair well. From bread prepare a mask to strengthen the hair. The pulp is softened in water to a thick slurry. For this it is convenient to use a fork and grind bread. Mass applied to the head for half an hour. For best effect, heat the bread in a water bath. After application, roll the head with a towel turban.
Rubbing salt Uses common salt, but it is better to take sea salt. It is rich in minerals and nutrients. Hair wet with warm water without shampoo, take the required amount of salt and rub it into the skin. Massage is carried out for 10-15 minutes. A course of 6-10 rubbing will relieve hair loss completely.
Rubbing the egg yolk. Spread fresh egg yolk with a spoonful of water. Rub the mass into the scalp for 10-12 minutes. Wash off with shampoo. And then rinse with acetic water (1 tablespoon. 1 liter of water) or chamomile or nettle infusions.

Dandruff treatment with folk remedies

Baldness is sometimes associated with the presence of dandruff (seborrhea). If you do not get rid of it, then a man can completely lose his hair in the parietal region, and a woman will get an unattractive picture on her head. In addition to the use of caring and strengthening means, you should normalize the diet, avoiding fatty and spicy dishes. Recipes Dandruff:

Rinsers from herbs. Nature gives us the best, so cure itching, dandruff, improve the work of the sebaceous glands will help the decoction of the leaves of mother-and-stepmother and nettle. Dry herbs are mixed, you will need 2 tablespoons of the mixture. They are steamed with a glass of boiling water for several hours. After shampooing your hair, rinse your hair with this infusion. Periodicity - once a week. You can carry out such a procedure even if it does not bring harm every day (until you get rid of dandruff).
Onion Rinse.Nature has thought of everything for us in advance, she has no waste. In the course of beauty and health is all. To prepare the rinse take 25 gr. peeled onions, pour half a liter of boiling water and insist for a quarter of an hour. After shampooing, drench hair with broth. Such care will help to cope with dandruff and strengthen the hair follicles, preventing loss.Strengthening hair folk remedies

Strengthen oily hair folk remedies

Herbal extracts on alcohol are suitable for oily hair. Alcohol eliminates excess fat.

Parsley mask with castor oil. This mask is not necessary to insist, despite the fact that it is made with vodka. Take 100 gr. fresh, green parsley (yellowed will not work, it has lost most of the vitamins). Finely chop it, pour 1 teaspoon of vodka and 2 teaspoons of castor oil, which is perfect for hair care. The mask is applied only to the roots. Parsley contains a lot of vitamins, it is useful not only locally to impose on the hair and skin, but also more often to eat. Keep 15-30 minutes with the package and towel. Wash off the mixture in the usual way.

Mustard mask - one of the most popular among women as strengthening and accelerating the growth of hair. Powder dry mustard diluted in water and applied to the roots of hair for 15-30 minutes.Another mustard is combined with egg yolk to nourish hair.
Rubbing sea buckthorn tincture. For her, squeezed berries are taken without juice. Poured with alcohol in a volume exceeding the berries 10 times. Allowed to add castor oil (per liter of the mixture - 50 ml of oil, it is soluble in alcohol). With a direct rubbing dilute the tincture in half with boiled water, otherwise it will dry the hair excessively.

Problems with the growth and hair loss is associated not only with improper care for hair. Most often the reasons lie deep in the body. There are latent chronic diseases that speak about themselves in a similar way, they sound an alarm. Think about the diet. For women are important healthy fats, which are obtained from nuts, fish, oils, avocados. With their lack of in the body fails, which leads to hair loss, brittle nails, drying the skin. In advanced cases, amenorrhea occurs - the absence of menstruation. If this is not treated, infertility will occur.

Take care of your own health, follow the daily regimen, nutrition, help your body with vitamins and care for your hair with natural remedies.