Stylish interior decor

The arts and crafts carries incredible value, experience and spirit of our ancestors. The use of various products from this direction in the interior enlivens the space and gives it comfort. Special honor in the modern world again began to acquire embroidery in the interior. This rather time-consuming work is characterized by elegance and sophistication. Once embroidery was considered a family talisman, carefully kept and passed on by inheritance.

The use of embroidered products in the interior design of the apartment has an extraordinary popularity. The emergence of new types of embroidery, such as embroidery on wood, for wallpaper of textiles, for furniture and dishes, diamond embroidery give the opportunity to choose products to their liking. Embroidered products brightly fit into the interior of the ethno-style, country style, eco-style.

To implement this idea, you will need a white wall on which you will draw, an enlarged scheme of the cross stitch you like, acrylic paint and a little inspiration!
Who likes the marine style, it can be embodied in the interior with the help of an embroidered panel depicting an anchor.
Designer Charlotte Lancelot designed a whole collection of furniture with a cross-stitch, which was called the Canevas Collection. Padded stools, sofas, pillows, carpets and tapestries - they all received elegant "clothes" with a bright ornament.

Canevas Collection are not covers or furniture covers. This is a “live” embroidery directly on the canvas, more precisely, on a grid of holes, which covers the surface of furniture and tapestries.

Instead of traditional patterns and ornaments, the Canevas Collection series is covered with modern embroidery. Crosses look like pixels, and the pictures they add look like they were made up of bricks a la tetris or lego.

A series of designer furniture from Charlotte Lancelot was first presented during Milan Design Week at the Salone Del Mobile exhibition.


And the flowers and other plants depicted on carpets and tapestries look great!

Another great source of inspiration for decorating the walls of the room.

And even so you can !!


Great solution for the bedroom.

The scheme of the embroidery itself.

Englishwoman Claire Cole proved that you can not only embroider on fabrics, but also on wallpaper and interior panels. She designs and manufactures embroidered panels for interior designers, architects, and private clients.

Her career is an example of how your favorite hobby can lead to a serious global recognition.

Claire's clients include luxury brands like Missoni, Anthroplogie, Paul Smith, Liberty. Fashion houses donate their collections to her for her to breathe life into them with the help of collages, threads and needles.