Super fabric from plastic bags. Master Class

Author: Elena Glebova

Good day!

We haven't done this with you right now, or has someone already tried it? From unnecessary plastic bags it turns out very practical and quite fabric suitable for sewing - I have already tried it, it works. And not only for sewing :) Therefore, I hasten to share with you. We will look at two master classes - using packages that are more or less dense in structure, with obtaining a relatively smooth fabric and with a grooved texture. Enjoy watching!

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So, we will start with the master class offered by the author of the resource “Dana Made it”. Dana will show us how to create not only fabric from plastic bags, but also to sew a practical shopping bag.

Want this? I personally very much :)

So, for the manufacture of fabric from plastic bags, we need directly unnecessary bags and some preparation for them. I would just advise - for one type of tissue is better to take the same packages, not to mix thin and thick, they behave differently when heated, the results can be very unpredictable.Although, who knows, maybe this is exactly the option you will like more :) Although I personally prefer to first work out the technique itself, and then begin the experiments :)

We also need parchment paper and iron.

So, we cut off the extra parts from the packages, fold the prepared parts together - the author has 8 layers here, we stack on parchment paper, on top there is another sheet of paper and we go to the iron. This is where the magical transformation of boring packages into worthy handmade material will take place :) I just want to set you up - it all depends on your iron, someone can get excellent heat on a “two”, and someone will have to use the maximum. The author used the heating temperature for cotton. Personally, I have a maximum - it was too much, on the “deuce” almost nothing melted, so I created a 2.5 fabric somewhere. Therefore, you first try to make fun of a small piece, but folded to the extent necessary for work :)

The photo process is set out very sensibly, for which the author is thankful, everything is quite clearly demonstrated.

And put between the sheets of parchment paper

And such a result should turn out

We make as many blanks as you need for further work

Well, we go directly to manufacturing a shopping bag. I tried to make a similar fabric of three thin packages - the structure is chic in density, it is even tighter here, the bag will be very practical. Pay attention, the author suggests to add pens with a usual cloth. Well and sews beautiful application in tone of fabric for handles :)


Moving on to the second option - here the author of Dot uses thinner bags for making fabrics, I just didn’t really understand how many layers she put into the parchment - pay attention, such thin packages make a compressed fabric effect. Well, again it depends on the temperature - the higher, the more the fabric will shrink :)

Inspirer of the author of this master class - Brooke Helfen successfully trades on Etsy products derived from a similar fabric.