Svetlana Loboda told how to eat a lot of sweets and lose weight

- A few years ago I paid less attention to my health. All work, concerts. As a result, overwork, back pain, chronic fatigue, and now with any degree of employment I find time for cosmetologists, massage therapists, regularly donate blood and drink a lot of water.

Hardened, taking a contrast shower.�It is hard for me, because the procedure is not pleasant, especially in winter or when I am very tired, plus I am very thin, but I am a staunch tin soldier and endure it. I know that the procedure is good for blood circulation. You can not start with ice water, but slightly cool, and in the summer to reduce the degree.

I drink away a course of vitamins and add more vegetables and fruits to my diet.�This contributes not only to strengthen the immune system, but also to the growth of hair and nails. I start the day with a glass of warm water with lemon, I have already taught this to my daughter Evochka (5 years old girl. - Approx. "Antennas").At first she didn�t understand: �Mom, well, why?� �To clean the stomach,� I explained. We always have breakfast with cereals: oatmeal or buckwheat. At lunch, the first one After playing sports, be sure to have protein (veal steak or some white chicken meat). In the past two or three years I have built up a schedule so that, in spite of the touring schedule, travel, I eat right. But in the sweet I do not limit myself, because I give a lot of energy every day and it needs to be replenished. I love black and milk chocolate and never deny myself a dessert if I have dinner in a restaurant. It seems to me that the chef puts the best part of himself into dessert, and therefore it is an energetically very important element of the exercise.

Photo: Svetlana Loboda personal archive

I practice sports every day.�I start with a 40-minute warm-up: squats, pushups, then stretching. For this, I carry with me a special gum. At home I like to run around on the track - you can do two things at the same time: watch a movie and play sports. Usually the workout lasts an hour - an hour twenty. Eve loves to work with me, though, nothing sensible comes of it, she just hangs around my neck.However, it is even good - the additional power load on the muscles. Of course, laziness sometimes overtakes me too, but I remind myself that tomorrow I have to stand on the stage in high heels, dance for two hours in a row and survive after that. As I have already said, I need sport not only to look good, but also to feel good. And as an extra bonus, I can allow myself to perform a flip in the air under the roof at the concert, from which the audience just stops their hearts.

I have an acrobatic training: I graduated from the pop-circus college in the jazz vocal class and went to the acrobatics at the same time. Once I saw a girl in Cirque du Soleil, who bends like rubber and sings. I wanted to learn this. I did it until I took the casting to the group �VIA Gra�, after which the acrobatics had to be abandoned, but everyone remembers the muscles, so when I need to do some tricks, it takes me two or three weeks to prepare them.

Half a day is enough for me to rest and rejuvenate.�I can't stay home longer. Last year I set a goal: I want 25 concerts a month.The wish came true, but I realized that I had no time to even exhale, that I was working for wear and literally torn between tours, shootings, a child. I decided that after such a year I need to go on vacation for a whole month. And what do you think: in four days I was already exhausted. Sleep well, recover, what to do next? I can't just sit still. I thought up a huge number of cases: I edited the video and arranged the songs. In general, a fruitful holiday turned out.

Photo: Svetlana Loboda personal archive

In everyday life I do not dye, I think that while young.�But I keep in mind that time is ticking and you need to take care of yourself all the time. Therefore, after each flight, I will not be too lazy to do a mask with hyaluronic acid or any other that I always carry with me. My daughter laughs: �Mom, I don�t see your face, something is constantly smeared on it�. I answer: "I need it, I work too much." Recently, it has become more interested in various care products, because I see the result: the skin has become fresh, it responds with gratitude. People often compliment me: "How you look good."Honestly I answer: "If you pay as much attention to your face, you will get exactly the same result." Nothing new, you just need to learn how to allocate time for it: 30-40 minutes a day.

A good way to spring reboot - seasonal analysis of things in the closet.�But I do not have enough time for this. In addition, there is a problem: I do not know how to give up old things. Like Plyushkin, I keep everything that will never come in handy; it is important for me to know that the thing is at home. Mom comes to the rescue. In her 60 years she is very energetic, everything is in time. And of course it helps me to rake the heaps of concert costumes, mountains of shoes, and thanks to her, my house has not yet become a warehouse of clothes.

Salvation from the spring depression - shopping.�Refreshment uplifting, make the eye burn. And although I have nowhere to put clothes at home, I still go shopping. A couple of new things will help to change the familiar images.

If suddenly fatigue overcomes or rolls the blues, I remember how much good the Lord has given me.�Beautiful daughter, bright career, parents close. Yes, I would like another child, but I believe only in children for love, and when I meet my man, I will definitely give birth to another.I read many biographies of great women and noticed: for the most part they are alone. As long as I have priority in the career and upbringing of Eve. In this sense, an example for me is a grandmother. She was a budding opera singer with a unique soprano - when she sang, the walls trembled. But she met my grandfather. He served in the KGB and put it before a choice: either he or his career. She loved him so much that she chose a family, and to this day regrets it. And he says to me: �No matter how beautiful a man is, never make a choice in his favor. Men tend to leave, and if you miss the chance to be realized, you will be unhappy. � So I hope to meet someone who will accept and support everything that I do.