Tender than gentle: the most beautiful kisses of star couples

Celebrate World Kiss Day with a selection of photos with the most romantic couples in Hollywood!

World Kiss Day is celebrated annually on July 6th. For the first time this holiday appeared, oddly enough, in one of the most reserved countries - in the UK, and then thanks to the UN organization it became known throughout the world.

Currently, on World Kiss Day in various cities, various flash mobs and contests are held. True, most of the inhabitants of our planet do not know about this holiday or do not consider it necessary to congratulate their soul mate with it. However, for the manifestation of these feelings, no events are needed. Confirmation of this - our selection with kisses of star couples during social events.

Immediately, we note that not all celebrities are ready to flaunt their personal lives. Often, well-known artists, wherever they are, keep each other quite detached and cold (if this is not a PR move!).But in any rules there are exceptions, and the stars are the same people. Sometimes events happen in their lives, after which, forgetting about journalists and cameras, they cannot restrain their feelings. And events can be different: receiving a prize or reward, waiting for a baby, a friendly party, and many other important dates and events (see our gallery).