The best dishes of Astrakhan cuisine

If you are a gourmet, then the first association that will arise at the mention of Astrakhan is a delicious fish. The Caspian and Volga is a pike perch and a beluga, a pike and a fat herring. Want to treat yourself and home typical Astrakhan delicacies?

Pike perch in batter is a traditional festive appetizer, but it can also be served for a family dinner. Preparing the dish is easy. The pike perch is cut into fillets cut into thin plates. Every need to recapture (not much, on the one hand). Each piece should be slightly salted and let the fish brew (about ten to fifteen minutes). During this time you just have time to cook. For him, take flour, milk, eggs, spices. In a high saucepan, heat the vegetable oil. Each piece of pike perch is breaded in batter and carefully (noisy) falls into boiling oil. It should completely cover the fish. Fry until a bright golden brown crust appears, and serve on a large dish with greens. Hotels in Astrakhan on the map are located near reputable restaurants, which serve almost all local dishes. Astrakhan cuisine is a symbiosis of several traditions.Here people of many nationalities live. Heh is a typical dish of the Kazakhs. Previously, it was cooked from sturgeon, but now more and more often pike is used as the main ingredient. To prepare heh it is necessary to cut the fish into fillets, cut it into small portions. Then they need to salt and add spices (your favorite, but suitable to fish dishes). Grate carrots, finely chopped onion (white bulb). Vegetables are added to fish and poured with vinegar. You can use wine or apple. Marinated heh for thirty to forty minutes (in the refrigerator), and then served at the table. Only in Astrakhan, you can try a triple soup. Prepare it from perch, bream, perch and any fish of the sturgeon family. Each type of fish is cooked in turn. Do not forget to remove the foam and periodically filter broth. When the fish is cooked, finely chopped potatoes and a head (if small, then two) onions are put into the broth. Just five minutes before readiness, you need to send the perch or salmon fillet cut into pieces. Condiments are added almost before serving. The ear is striking in its richness of taste, it is nourishing and very nourishing.If you want to cook it "with smoke", then you can add an ember from the fire to the pan. In the nineteenth century, potatoes were not added to the ear, it is an innovation, but it does not spoil the taste of this first dish.