The best horror films of 2018 are named

Portal Vulture did not wait for Halloween, made a list of the best horror films right in July. This is because, unlike in previous years, the 2018th turned out to be rich in good horror films - this is noted even by those who, in principle, do not watch such films.

In the list were "Annihilation" with Natalie Portman, who starts an expedition to the anomalous zone, "Cargo" about the space ship "Kassandra", in the cargo compartment which is better not to look, "Paranormal" about sectarians, "History of ghosts" about the professor of psychology who receives a message from the other world, "Mom and Dad" about the complex relationship of fathers and children, "Mohawks" about representatives of the Mohawk tribe who are trying to survive in North America in 1812, "Hungry Z" about the villagers who have grown fond of fresh meat.