The guy got 2 degree burns in just 7 hours of work in the garden

The gardener underestimated the weather and decided that it was possible to spend the whole day in the open air without sunscreen. And only on Sunday evening, he realized how strong the rays of the sun were.


The body temperature jumped sharply, the shoulders and back began to blister, and the skin around it became bright red.

Greg said he worked overtime to pay for his summer vacation in Ibiza. And under the contract, he had to monitor the garden daily until last Thursday.


The Scotsman says that he did not feel the intense heat - the sun just burned a little more than usual. In addition, he spent no more than 7 hours in the sun. Now he is tied to a bed and undergoing treatment. Doctors diagnosed with Binnie second-degree burns.


Greg posted his pictures in to remind others what the sun could be and how dangerous it was.

The sun these days does not spare the inhabitants of Albion - British weather forecasters have noted an increase in temperature, which has not happened in the last 50 years.