The most fashionable kinds of sandals this season

We look forward to the summer with a special look. After all, when you can still spend carefree time on the beach, go shopping, enjoy refreshments and walk all night. Each girl begins to prepare for the summer season in advance, actively looking at information about the trends of the next season.

Today we invite you to find out everything you need about the fashionable sandals of the spring-summer 2017 season.

The main criterion is convenience

Before you explore what designers offer, you should decide on the term "sandals", because it is often confused with the closest meaning of "sandals".

Sandals appeared more than 10 thousand years ago and initially represented the sole, which was attached to the foot with strings. They were made from leaves of trees, papyrus, and later skin.

It was this shoe option that served as the basis for the further creation of sandals, which already had different styles and heels.

That is, sandals - it's more elegant, model shoes,and sandals are great for everyday wear, although in our time also not without appeal.

What models recommend wearing this summer fashion guru?

  1. Roman style. Rough, but at the same time very sexy "gladiators", at the height of fashion. Made of genuine leather or suede, they can have different colors (besides the classic black and brown), and emphasize the beauty of women's legs due to the high lacing or straps. Appreciate their attractive appearance can be seen in the photo.
  2. On the "tractor" sole. This model has retained its position since last summer. Despite the massive platform, the top of such sandals can be pretty neat. Lace, beads, bows - this combination is really surprising.
  3. Sports. This is a great option for everyday wear. If you are tired of the heat in moccasins and sneakers, feel free to change them to sports sandals with Velcro or ties, with a soft rubber or polyurethane sole. They perfectly complement the trendy bow with shorts and a T-shirt, and a light dress.
  4. Maximum open. Designers this year decided to return to basics, making summer shoes almost weightless and as comfortable as possible.Sandals with a thin sole, with two or three straps of different thicknesses, are the ideal of this season.

As for the color, then the girls have where to go for a walk. You can afford pastel colors for a business style and brighter colors for relaxing. The most relevant are: red, yellow and blue. But do not forget about the motley combinations and rich shades. Be in trend!

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