The most fashionable t-shirt options in 2017

T-shirt - one of the most convenient and versatile elements of women's wardrobe. Due to the variety of colors and styles, it can easily become a competitor to a blouse and shirt.

Designers do not overlook T-shirts, offering in each season more and more new options. And so that you can be on the crest of a fashionable wave, we have gathered for you the main trends of 2017.

What does the fashion dictate?

The first thing designers pay attention to is style. T-shirts are no longer just an element of sportswear. In the fashion of individuality and the creation of their personal unique image. Now about this more specifically:

  • The length of the maxi is fundamental. The voluminous style is suitable for any woman, and the enlarged throat and wide armholes will give sexuality and attractiveness. The most current decor for such things - portraits and prints with inscriptions. But it must necessarily be something original, from replicated with millions of T-shirts with names of famous brands it is better to refuse.

You can combine them with leggings or tight jeans, as well as short skirts or shorts. And to accent the waist, you can wear a belt.

  • Also fashionable will be the adjacent silhouettes. Particular attention is paid to them in the neckline. It can be round, V-shaped, and also decorated with a collar or drapery. Please note that stylists categorically do not recommend choosing a shortened model that exposes the lower abdomen. This applies to all girls, even those who can boast the perfect press.
  • "Polo". Initially, such T-shirts were regulars of men's wardrobes, and later migrated to women's wardrobes. This style of 60-70-xx years back in vogue and for several seasons holds its position. And designers decide on bold experiments - to wear a “polo” not only with jeans and sports shoes, but also with skirts and even business trousers.
  • Couple. Once such combinations were already fashionable, this year the trend is back. Designers combine a T-shirt with a turtleneck, shirt or blouse, put it on, and advise you not to be afraid of such experiments.

Actual color

Summer is the time of flowering and bright colors, therefore summer clothes often attract attention with motley shades.

White, gray and beige colors remain with a win-win option, with which other details of the image are easily combined. Those who love a more juicy tones, can choose clothing crimson, lemon, green or blue. More calm, but no less fashionable are mint, lavender and light pink. These t-shirts go well with long skirts to the floor.

From prints welcome anime, ethnic and marine themes.

Correct material

Stylists opt for natural fabrics in which the body will breathe. But we must pay tribute to the models of viscose and chiffon, they can become an ornament to any image, giving it lightness and romance.

But t-shirts made of lace and transparent fabrics are one of the most daring trends of this year. If you are not afraid of outspoken bows, choose such options.

Diverse styles, variety of colors and decor make it possible to choose a T-shirt for any occasion and image. Be braver and enjoy the bright colors of the summer.

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